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Friday, December 14, 2012

Everyone is Big Enough...

Rhet has a new favorite TV show this year.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is a cute little PBS cartoon starring the old-school characters from Mr. Rogers' Land of Make-Believe.  Way to go, PBS--you know my egocentric nostalgia can't resist getting my kid into the next generation of Mr. Rogers!

This show is great for the preschool age, with bright and creative images, pretend play, and positive messages such as "grown-ups come back," and "if you try new foods, then they might taste good."  How do I remember these themes?  They add them to irresistible hooks that I'm constantly humming around the house.  I know, I know...the glamorous life of a SAHM, right?

This post is not for the benefit of recommending/critiquing a preschool television program...don't worry, friends--I'm not there yet.  ;)  But I AM going to use the show in an analogy, which I'm afraid may not be much better!

Today's (rerun) episode has been on my brain.  The theme is "everyone is big enough to do something."  Daniel Tiger is frustrated because he's too young or too short to help with various activities.  They spend the episode showing him that everyone is big enough to do SOMETHING...he doesn't have to sit on his little tiger derrière and do nothing.

So Christmas is posing an interesting conundrum for me this year.  In a way, we've been headed down this road for awhile, but here it is: What do I do with Santa?  Rhet is almost three--she grasps the basic ideas of holidays, and she will buy into almost anything I present to her.  She is a blank page!  Last year, my whole mantra was "she'll never remember this"--so comforting for a new blundering parent...haha!  But this year, I feel that I have to put some thought into the fresh ink that is to be written on her little heart.  I have some thoughts that I think I'm going to spread among some different posts.  (Because look at me, people--I am blogging!  Active tense!)

In the meantime, take a look at this gem:
(Sticking with the theme of reruns, I've posted this in a previous December, but it's good enough to watch again...)

Advent Conspiracy started their movement the first Christmas we were married.  That was also the year that we decided to shake things up in our brand new family's Christmas--our first baby step: staying home for the holiday...to cut down on the stress & craziness, and to forge our own traditions.

In many ways, I can be an "all or nothing" kinda girl...I'm not (by nature) very good at grey areas, maybe's, or slow progress.  But, Christmas is a different beast that includes years of memories, old traditions, warm & fuzzy feelings, new & icky stresses...and it has taken/is taking years of baby steps to reform Christmas in my own heart.  More on that later.

My point today is: everyone is big enough to do something.  If you are a follower of Christ, then...well, find the thing you're big enough to do this year in order to devote this season to Him.  Change one thing: maybe that means subtracting something...maybe that means adding something...maybe that means substituting something.

We have always celebrated the "12 Days of Christmas" at our house, but with the addition of Rhet last year, we included 12 envelopes that tell the story of Jesus' birth & included an activity or gift to enjoy together.  I can explain more later, but here is today's, in case you want to play along:

Click on the verse above to download today's story & activity

More to come tomorrow, friends! 


The Strahan Family said...

Please fill me in on your ideas with Santa!! We are right where you are!! Also, I would love a copy of your 12 days countdown or a link to where you got it!! We are all about putting Christ at the center our Christmas season!

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