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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Long Time Comin'

This blog was established in 2005, which means I constantly find myself thinking, "I have definitely used this as a blog title before, right?"

I have three annoying habits that make regular blog posting nearly impossible lately:
(1) I am a perfectionist.
(2) I have a writing block against any momentous occasion, large or small.
(3) I view blogging as "(creative) work" instead of "rest."

As a result, "I'll be right back" turns into "where ya been all my life?"  Blogging should be a creative release for me, but because I use it as a creative release, I have no obligation to it.  And when I have time to devote to it, I'd rather do something much more lazy passive relaxing.

But I'm not ready to throw in the blogging towel.  I like writing.  I like telling stories.  I like putting something down to remember later.

So, I'm going to do just that.
And I'm going to jump in from wherever I want to.

How 'bout a recent events photograph tour, to begin with?
(Just a little dip into the shallow end before taking a swim, right?)

This little cutie is getting bigger everyday.  I mean, it's crazy.  Ten inches in one year.  Anyone who is around kids a lot continues to mention, "Wow, she's a busy kid," which makes me feel 100% validated for every minute I'm chasing her around.

This happened in my kitchen over the summer, which has brought me immense productiveness.  Many of you might remember my tribute to Little Ray.  I will admit, I did get teary-eyed as they led my old friend out the back door.  New oven has yet to be named, but I'm sure there will be an ode to her ability to boil water in under 10 minutes in a future post one day.

Nick recently took a new job, and we found ourselves with some extra time to vacate, so we did just that.  First trip without the kiddo, and it. was. awesome.  With a year full of adoption transitions along with the normal busy-ness of life and the expected tight budget of a newly one-income family, we have been on about 4 dates in the past year.  MAYBE 5.  So, speaking of a long time comin, this vacation slash extended alone-time was just that.
The holidays are upon us.  I'm playing life catch-up.  More to come...


ashley said...

I just love checking in on you guys and your beautiful adorable family. LOVE and MISS you all. UPDATE more often, mkay? or perhaps we can be NOT lame and talk on the phone like the olden days ;}

Kristy said...

Love this and you and your fam and all of it.

Jane said...

Welcome back! Your blog posts are missed! They always make me feel inspired and creative (even though I am the least creative person on the planet).

That first picture is PRECIOUS and beautiful! And your vacation sounds so lovely. I love raising baby E, and I can hardly stand too long away from her but I know that first vacation (or date even) is going to be great.

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