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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'll be right back...

Just ran across May's post...MAY?  As in 2 months ago?  POST as in singular?  This is getting pathetic.  But I'm still here!  Here are the top 5 streamofconsciousness things occupying my life right now.  (After which, I will end this post, but I'll be back for more very soon!)

1. I started a new biz to help pay my SAHMomma grocery bill.  It is fun, busy, and consumes a lot of time--good thing I love eating, talking, typing, and reading FOOD!  Check it out over here

2. I am searching for all sources of kid-friendly water.  This includes but is not limited to: sprinkler parks, kiddie pools, water slides, backyard sprinklers, zoo geysers, botanical garden simulated rain showers, and two and a half glorious weeks of a (free) trial gym membership with three pools.

3. We celebrated Mommy-Rhet day on July 5th--ONE YEAR since I scooped up this little busy bee and took her to the guest home with me to love on forever!

4. I had a birthday on Monday.  Woohoo!  I don't mind getting older.  But my joints and back do.  ;)

5. In additional to sources of water fun, I've also spent a lot of time basking in the frozen glory of summer's best treats: Jerry's Sno Cones, YoLo gelato (hubs prefers the yogurt, but I can't switch back now that I've crossed over), Mama D's Italian Ice (we get ours at the Botanic Garden Farmers' Market), flavor ice pops from the Camp Highland counselor's only freezer, Rhet's "blue-top pops," also known as Target-brand "blast-off pops" (red, white, & blue), and Rhet's personal favorite...simple...no-frills...ICE CUBES.  As a direct result of all of this frosty deliciousness (and the repercussions of turning 32), my running hobby is about to kick into high-gear soon.  I hope.  :)

Don't go anywhere...I'll be right back...


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