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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Would You Rather: Druggie Edition

After finishing my 10 days of Augmentin (super-strong antibiotic) for my sinus & double ear infections, I rejoiced to be rid of the drugs.  They made my stomach upset, I had to take them twice a day (so I rarely had an appetite), and they were as big as nuclear rockets.  

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed to realize this weekend that while my sinuses and ears had cleared up, my lungs were drowning and my voice sounded like a frog.  After one more trip to the doctor, I am now armed with a different set of antibiotics and a cortisone shot.  (Get this: she looked at my blood-work and explained that originally I had allergies, but I developed the bacterial infection in my sinuses and ears in the meantime, and while all of that was happening, my blood levels showed that I had had a virus in my lungs, but somehow the virus turned into a bacterial infection in my lungs, and on top of all of that it looks like I am on the brink of anemia.  No wonder, considering what my poor body has endured over the last four weeks...!)

My nightly regimen now consists of filling a large glass of water, taking my two large antibiotic pills, taking the Walgreens knock-off of Zyrtec, taking a Mucinex, and taking my birth control pill.  Ick.  It's like one big drug cocktail and it creeps me out.  

So...this leads me to ask...

WOULD YOU RATHER...take drugs if you aren't feeling well or "walk it off?"  
(And what is your drug threshold?)


L said...

poor jesse...that does not sound fun at all! so...to answer your question...i'm all about taking something to feel better...but Clay is all about "walking it off"...ha! i just hate feeling sick...so i can only imagine how miserable you are!

btw...here's a sad story...i'll actually be in memphis for a few hours this weekend for a wedding...but it sounds like you'll be gone. :(

Julie said...

oooh...this is tough for me because I love playing the super needy sick person in bed who gets pampered but all of that makes it sound worse. maybe I'd rather walk it off and carry on!

Kristin said...

I would take the smallest amount of medicine necessary to make me feel better. I hate being on antibiotics, mostly because they always make my stomach hurt even if I take them on a full stomach.

Anonymous said...

wow, sis, that sounds horrible. About as horrible as it is to look at Nicks hairy chest...no, nevermind, his chest is worse. I'm just playing. We'll definitely say a prayer that you get over this quickly. Maybe some fresh mountain air will be the cure.

My answer: run it off.

Jesse Faris said...

Not take the drugs. Drugs creep me out.

In extreme cases when I have no other choice, I will do it. They must be swallow-friendly pills--no syrups or I can't do it. Regardless, if I'm taking the meds, you know I am getting down to business. (Julie, I am all about getting pampered when I'm sick--I guess I'm willing to take the meds if I will be babied. ha)

Update on my lungs: I am still taking my nightly drug cocktail, but it's been working like a charm. I will be happy to be antibiotic free, one day though.

Laurel said...

Poor Jesse! I know how you feel. I had a sinus infection that has now made a happy home in my lungs. :( If I'm not feeling well, I prefer to walk it off or simple over the counter stuff, but if I'm SICK sick, gimme meds! Hope you feel better soon!

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