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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let's Hear It for the Boys

Here's a little ditty for dads everywhere, written by the great Andy Gullahorn.  (NOT Andy Phillips, even though he is married to Jill.)  This song has taken root in my short-term brain playlist.

Note: This YouTube video is the closest I could get to posting the song on my page--excuse the audience giggles.  It might actually might make the song more endearing...?

I took my granddad's .22
When I was in the 2nd grade
I shot a deer right in the heart
And rubbed his blood right on my face

The summer when I turned sixteen
I got up each day before the dawn
I was building barns and bailing hay
Worked harder than the day was long

Now I'm 30 and I have three kids
I watch Dora the Explorer in the morning
I feel a sad truth sinking in
Maybe I was more of a man back then

It used to be that my daily fare
Was chicken fried steak and barbecue
I had Dr. Pepper every meal
And ice cream when the day was through

Now I'm watching my cholesterol
My metabolism is obviously slowing
Tonight it's salad once again
Surely I was a more of a man back then

I used to watch Jean Claude Van Damme
Killing guys on the silver screen
Now every night with the kids in bed
We watch Gilmore Girlson on DVD
Sure I was more...

So I suck in my protruding gut
On our monthly dinner night
Your saying something about the kids
As I watch these young men pass me by

I remember I was just like them
I was lonely but I called it independent
And if lonesome is what manly is
Baby I was more of a man back then


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

did JAMIN secretly write this? ;)

clay said...

so, i got real excited when i watched this video, because it reminded me of the time that we ate with jill and andy in colorado springs at p.f. chang's.

it was at that same dinner that the only thing i said to the couple was "i like gilmore girls." oh what an embarrassing moment for clay.

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