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Thursday, May 29, 2008

And You Think It's Kinda Funny, But It's Snot

Well, I've gone and done it again.  

I foiled my best attempts at greatness.  

Ok, just kidding with the melodrama.  But seriously, here's the story:

I was all pumped about running this year's St. Jude's Marathon.  Now, if you are a long-time reader of this blog, you will know that I have run three of the St Jude races...but each of them were half marathons.  This year, I am training for the Big Kahuna.  (Total aside: Did anyone ever watch "Back to the Beach" when they were younger?  What a great movie...)  

How does a person who can only run one mile end up running 26.4 miles by December?  Well, that person starts training in May.  

That person SHOULD start training in May.  

Everything was going smoothly.  I was increasing my mileage slowly as to not get too eager and injure myself.  And then it happened.  

The height (apparently) of the grass pollen season.  

I would not characterize myself as having allergies, but once every three years or so the floodgates just open and I am included with the masses of people who sneeze and sniffle their way through springtime.  Looks like this was my year.  Lucky me.  

I didn't think much of it.  I was miserable, but I took Zyrtec and tried to keep running....until Monday, when I visited the doctor and found out I had a sinus infection and double ear infection.  No wonder!  

So hear I am...taking strong antibiotics that tear up my stomach while my running shoes lie underneath the bed.  I am miles behind.  

Any suggestions on how to fix a sinus infection and/or stay on top of allergies?  
(DON'T say a Neti Pot, because I purchased one pre-sinus infection and it hasn't worked for me yet!)  In the meantime, don't pay any attention to that Nike+ ticker on the right column that is lagging behind!


ashley said...

move to the beach???

L said...

if it offers you peace of mind...i did find a training program online...that if you can run 3-6 miles comfortably by the beginning of August...you can train for and be ready to run the marathon in december. that's what we're going to try to do...since summer is absolutely insane in the youth ministry world. :) hope that helps! sorry about your allergies...no fun at all!!

Tesney said...

I applaud you for going for the big one! I'll be back this year, but only for the half again. :)

Blessed said...

I am super impressed, Jesse! I used to run in high school and am trying to get back into it. Not to run a marathon, but to lose the rest of this baby weight!!!

I have had allergies my whole life! I just take my Zyrtec and Flonase daily. I start taking it early on before allergy season. For me that would be early Fall and early Spring, It seems to help just a little bit. I did the whole allergy shot thing in high school and that is what helped me the most, but who has time for going in for shots all the time?

Julie said...

I don't believe in Neti pots either. Generally don't like pouring things up one crevice to have them run out another.

That sounds gross and I guess I shouldn't say "generally" because I don't have any other crevices that I pour things in and have them run out. ENOUGH Julie ENOUGH. Shut up!!!

lee said...

I've heard that some people take their daily 24 hour allergy med at night so it is working full steam by daylight. Also, I know you don't want to hear this, but saline nasal spray such as Ocean or the store brand for a couple bucks is the best way I've found to flush out the pollen and keep the sinuses hydrated and not irritated. Just blow your nose and then whoosh it in each nostril and breathe in while you're doing it. I can't feel a thing, I just know it relieves the grip of a sinus headache.

Oh and another thing I learned to do is to wash my hair every night in heavy pollen season. That is very inconvenient but it saves smooshing your face around on a pillow with pollen particles that were trapped in your hair.

I've never been brave enough to wear the face filter/masks outside, but I see plenty of people who do.
I admire their attitude!

Kristin said...

I have no advice. I just hope you start to feel better. I will say that I didn't get allergies until I moved to Memphis. Luckily, I have never had too bad of an infection. Hopefully, once I move back to middle TN I won't have this problem anymore.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

oh bless you. hope you feel better by now since i am slow reading this. time and sleep...i have it now! yesssss. i just struggled to get both kids in the bed and im ab to head there myself!

Larissa Smith said...

Staying on top of allergies? Sudafed Sinus & Allergy - best antihistamine I've found that actually works without knocking me out like Benadryl does. Zyrtec, Allegra and Claritin just don't do anything for me.

Fixing a sinus infection? I second the saline spray thing (it helps what is clogged up in there get a move out!), plus I gargle warm salt water and drink plain wulong tea (even though I dislike tea). No overkill on fruit juice; it doesn't really help and just throws off your system with all that sugar.

Also stop in Target and get an eye pillow (looks kind of like a beanbag) for about $5, then go home and lay down with it laid gently across your eyes and purposefully let all your facial muscles relax. Should quickly reduce your headache.

I hope you feel better soon!

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