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Friday, November 16, 2007

Favorite TV Moment of the Week

Sydney: "I'm a lot of woman.  I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, serve it with eggs or on a sandwich or car-umbled up in a cobb salad."

LOVE it.  ha.  

(What makes this post even better is that I accidentally posted it on our Sunday School blog for 5 minutes...Whoops!)


Blessed said...

That was a GREAT line. I wouldn't mind watching the whole thing again just to see that! :)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

This episode was probably one of my faves...because it exposed so many truths about life in general. That you DO revert back, and as Kristy said, h.s. reunions are same crap different day kinda things...AND that people make assumptions about you now that aren't even true...if you were a band geek or cool or whatnot...when none of it even matters anymore...anyway...I was just extremely humored by this episode...because it was sooo true. good story.

Anonymous said...

in reference to your previous post, soooooo sorry you and nick got sick. i hate to have been the "breeding ground" for all that (you and several other people got sick :-(. thanks for being an awesome bridesmaid. love you - ash

Unknown said...

i thought this episode was funny b/c patrick dempsey WAS kind of a geek in the 80's movies he was in back in the day. and the sydney quote WAS good...now if only she wasn't so durn obnoxious.

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