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Monday, December 10, 2007

Life in Fast Motion

Where did November go?  I know I was just saying that about September...so how did we get to the Christmas holidays?  I feel a bit overwhelmed at my absentminded busy-ness!
November was a chiasm.  This is a grad school term that I learned and forgot, and of which Nick just reminded me the other day.  A chiasm is a literary formula, used in poetry (for example).  It follows the pattern: abcba.  Here's how it worked for me:
  • a: Wedding: I was in the wedding of our good Memphis friends, Ashley Hodge & Rudy Kink.  (The picture is of Kelly, Brooke, and me in the midst of wedding celebrations.)  In the process of the weekend, Nick caught a stomach bug that was going around.  Which eventually led to...
  • b. Sick: I caught that stomach bug.  But not till after the wedding, thank goodness.
  • c. Travel: We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving, to see Nick's family.  Good times.
  • b: Sick: Yup, somehow I caught a Texas cold which knocked me out and is still worming it's way down into my lungs.  Does anyone have a good remedy for zapping colds?
  • a: Wedding: Another beautiful bride--this time it was my dear friend and old roomie, Lori Thomas who married a fine Auburn man, Clay Hartzog.  Nick and I drove to Huntsville last weekend to be a part of their wedding, and I loved spending time with friends I don't see very often...even if I was sniffling and hacking away most of the time!  
That was the whole month of November!  Fast like a cat!

December has brought new things...
  • A new resolve to clean up and slow down.  Last night, I finally fully unpacked from our October trip to the beach, our Thanksgiving trip to Dallas, and our recent trip to the Huntsville wedding.  Hooray--I finally have clothes to wear again!  And we are happy to slow the pace soon--this week is pretty busy, but we are staying put in Memphis for Christmas and excited about some lazy days ahead of us. 
  • A new Christmas tree.  I sure do love fresh Christmas trees!  Owens was a little squished last year when we brought the tree home--poor little dog, his booty hung off his bed the entire month!  This year, we rearranged some furniture so his bed could stay the way it was.  
  • A new line-up of Christmas movies and cookies!  Our annual tradition of "The 12 Days of Christmas" starts this Thursday.  I'll post our schedule soon--there is some tweaking left to do.
  • Last but not least by any means...I have a new job!  I will be working with Agape's Adoption Center of the Midsouth as a Family Advocate beginning this Thursday.  I am so thrilled about this new opportunity!  Agape Child & Family Services is an organization here in Memphis which provides support for families in several different ways--foster support/care, adoption services and support, and counseling services are among the most prominent services.  I will be working with a fairly new branch of Agape called The Adoption Center of the Midsouth.  They serve any family in the Memphis area that has been "touched by adoption."  I am so excited to begin working with this organization that ministers to our community in such important ways.
Well, that's the Fast Motion update for the past couple months.  So tell me, what is your favorite way to slow down and enjoy the holiday season?


Kristy said...

Answer to your question: Personal Days. (Remember those from college?:)) I took one today. Best thing I could have done. Happy December.

Unknown said...

Movies. Hot spiced tea (both theJerkins and Guinn kinds). Sitting listening to music beside a lit Christmas tree. Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song."

Glad you're back in the blogging world.

Jesse Faris said...

Oh man, I loooove me some personal days. Good for you, Kristy--you deserved one!

And you're right Leslie...there's nothing like a lit Christmas tree and Nat crooning away to put you in the holiday spirit.

khovater said...

Oh Jesse congrats on the new job!!!

Katie Land said...

Hey! I have missed seeing you too! Congrats on the new job. Very exciting! I want to know more about it. Maybe lunch once you get settled in the routine...Let me know!

Larissa Smith said...

Congratulations on the new job! What an answer to prayer!

And I love the new blog look. Honestly, I'm jealous because I have no idea how to do this kind of thing. It really looks great!

Mitzi said...

Yea, an update! Congrats on the new job! I want to hear more about it. As far as slowing down, I feel like I haven't yet. When you figure it out, let me know.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

Oh how I miss the self proclamation of personal days! what has gotten into you? I cant keep up with your blogging suddenness. BTW, I saved your birthday message because it was so sweet. It made me reminisce like no other. OHHHHHH the dance party/Amsterdam days!

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