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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jolly Old Saint Valentine

I am so ready for Saint Patrick's Day because it is one of the only major dessert holidays that doesn't involve the color red.

I have been a bit disappointed with humanity regarding Valentine's Day. Granted I spent 24 Valentine's Days without a Valentine, it has not always been the best holiday ever to me or anything. But even a single girl can live it up on Valentine's Day, right? One of my favorite years, a bunch of single guys took a bunch of single girls out to a nice dinner (on extremely platonic terms, of course)...their motto for the holiday was "Everyone needs a Valentine." But now that I have found and now married the Great Love of My Life, I am completely pumped about spending Valentine's Day with this very dashing man! It seems not everyone feels the same. I know that marketing and capitalism are behind this holiday for lovers, but isn't it nice to have at least one romantic day in the month of an always-very-grey February? Why not? Maybe it's my "newlywedness" that makes me excited about today, but I hope not.

I have been quite disheartened by the fact that my place of employment has scheduled a six o'clock meeting this evening. What? I know that mostly (long-time married) men are involved, and that is my point! Because of this meeting, a handful of men might perhaps feel feel like they're "off the hook" for the evening. I think that is just sorry. And why does Valentine's Day have to be such a thorn in people's sides? What is so bad about spending a day/evening showing someone you love and appreciate them?

After dwelling on this thought yesterday, I was tickled by the idea of treating Valentine's Day as if it were as big as other favorite holidays. Of course there would be Valentine's Eve. Maybe people would attend a Valentine's Eve midnight mass. (God is big on love, you know!) Then you could have a big Valentine's Eve party, with a countdown and everything. Valentine's Day, you could have a big yummy breakfast first thing in the morning. Saint Valentine would have visited overnight and left you treats in your nylon stockings. Then you could have a big pool party (which you would probably have to ice skate on top of) and everyone could bring homemade ice cream and you would eat BBQ. Afterwards, there would be a huge fireworks show. Once it was dark, you would dress up in costumes and go around to the houses in your neighborhood, spreading the love (and caroling love songs, if you wish). At the end of the day (about a half hour after dark), you would light 9 candles around your house and give your sweetheart a gift. Perfection.


Ashley said...

What about blowing out candles and making a Valentine's wish?

Blessed said...

So, what did you end up doing for the big day????

Unknown said...

My parents always treated V-Day like a "real" holiday. Mom would decorate the table and we'd have dinner together and mom and dad would give us prezzies. Just small, thoughtful things. Because of those precious memories, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. For me, it's a celebration of love -- not just romantic love. I get frustrated when people "hate Valentine's Day and Hallmark for creating it." There's a lot of potential in this holiday (as explored fully by Jesse in the final paragraph :).

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