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Thursday, December 21, 2006

O Tannenbaum

Meet Elmo Frist, our first Christmas Tree. (His name came from one of our favorite tv shows, "Men in Trees." St Elmo is the town in Alaska where the main character, Marin Frist, lives.)

Mr. Frist came into our lives by way of the great Depot of Homes. They may have placed $20 dollars on him as his worth, but he is worth far more to us. He is a lovely fragrant Douglas Fir, and this picture does not do him justice.

As this is our first "married" Christmas, we did not have much to place on our tree. Actually we have a whole box of ornaments that I have collected throughout my life, but they are in Atlanta and a little fragile and heavy to mail. So we were left to our own resourcefulness when it came to decorating Elmo. I felt like the Little Drummer Boy at first..."I have no gifts to bring, pa rump pum pum pum..." But we found some red and white ribbon we could tie to his branches. We bought some white twinkle lights. And the grand finale: leftover Save-the-Date ornaments from last year! ("They're trading jingle bells for wedding bells! Nick & Jesse, March 11, 2006") Ha!

Since this picture was taken, we have added an array of bright Christmas-y packages from our relatives underneath and a Santa hat adorning the very top. He lights every evening with his warm cheery light. We love you, Mr. Frist!

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Treeeeee...Your branches green deliiiiight us!"


lee said...

You will be surprised to know that your dad and mom also have a tree up and fully lighted--all gold!
(I'm waiting for the neighbors to call the fire dept b'cause that color looks like it's about to smoke!)
It pleases me just as it is, but the ornaments are close-by for you kids to add what you will.

Julie said...

I love Elmo Frist. Simple, but dignified, lovely, and sappy. Reminds me of his owner! :)

Larissa Smith said...

We still have a Santa hat as a topper. Our first married Christmas, I bought a craft set from Oriental Trading Company. It was all the pieces to make these little foam snowmen, complete with top hats, brooms, and scarves. I didn't quite make them all, but I got quite a few ornaments out of that 5 bucks and it got us through our first round of decorating. It's fun to be resourceful and the result is much more satisfying and meaningful, if you ask me.

angie c said...

Home Depot has the cheapest trees! We tried Shnucks first, but Sha. $60.

Don't you just love the way a tree smells. Love it.

Katie Land said...

Your tree looks great. I showed my mom your blog and she laughed so hard at the oven story!!! Thanks for the comments on my blog!!! I am really trying!! You are so funny


Blessed said...


I do love your tree! Cute idea to put your save the date ornaments! You are very creative.

I love reading your blog and I like that you update often. :) I am not much of a tv watcher, so when Seth's doing that, I like to keep myself busy catching up on blogs!

Kristy said...

Love your tree.

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