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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Over the River and Through the Woods No More

Nick and I did something groundbreaking this year. We stayed home. For Christmas, that is.

We went to Dallas for Thanksgiving, and we're headed to Atlanta for New Year's. But Christmas was just us in the sweet, soulful city of Memphis.

It was the first Christmas that both of us spent without our families of origin. And while we loved our childhood Christmases, I must say that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

It was so great to enjoy our Christmas parties and be so busy here in town...and then just stay put. This meant no mooching off the parents, we had to cook our own holiday food, and a little less hoopla than usual. But it also meant no packing and living out of a suitcase, no figuring out what to do with the dog, no traffic, no craziness...

We spent Christmas Eve with some friends from church. (Shoutout to the Conways and Smiths!) Angie and I cooked up a storm for our dinner extravaganza, which we all gorged ourselves on, and then we watched "Charlie Brown Christmas." (The Smiths had their baby the very next morning!! Welcome to the world, Shaye!) Nick and I woke up (in our cozy bed with the awesome 600 thread-count sheets that we got as a wedding gift--I LOVE luxurious sheets!) late on Christmas morning (late for Nick--8:30!), made a yummy breakfast, opened our stockings (that we prepared for each other), and then tore into some presents from family. We spent the rest of the day, reading, relaxing, watching "A Christmas Story," working on an impossible jigsaw puzzle that Santa saw in Target and thought, Hey, Nick would like this Greek Isle picture, but stupid Santa forgot that the only two features of the puzzle picture were blue sea and white stone (!), baking molasses cookies for our neighbors and then eating half of them, and finishing off our leftovers.

Home Sweet Home!


Kyle Smith said...

Thanks for the nod Jesse. We really enjoyed our evening with you and the Conways, and your food was delicious. I wonder whose food we could attribute the jumpstarting of labor to.....oh well.


Kristy said...

Glad you had a great first Chrismtas! I love me some molasses cookies!

angie c said...

Good times indeed. Man, 600 thread. That's like, high class, or sumptin'.

Blessed said...


Glad yall had a nice first Christmas together. So, is this the start of a new tradition??

angie c said...

Kyle, I slipped something spicy into the turkey. Congrats on the baby!

Good dinner, Faris'. This will probably be the last time we pull this staying in Memphis off, but it was good while it lasted. :(

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

wheres my christmas card? no pressure, but booooo.

Mommy of Boys said...

Good for you guys! This was our first time not traveling on Christmas. We THOROUGHLY enjoyed ourselves. Happy New Year!

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