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Monday, December 18, 2006


It was quite inevitable that after all of the holiday treats of red and green assortment that I have tasted over the past few weeks, I definitely deserve the mouth ulcer that I feel growing on the inside of my bottom lip. (For background on this story, see this post.) Blast you, Red 40! Why can't Christmas colors be BLUE and green?


amber said...

Jesse, I love reading your blog. There are so many times that I'd like to comment but then... I have to go change a diaper! :)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

yes. I feel our pain. i have had a mouth sore for a week now. I keep biting it by accident when im trying to eat. I cant even kiss jamin or aiden it hurts so bad. boooo mouth sores. it was hurting me so bad yesterday i was in walmart, ab to break open a tube of mouth stuff before purchasing it and then realized i would need a pair of scissors to get the protective top off. booo. And, it hurts every time I smile. So ive stopped smilingat people when im out shopping. I tend to do that alot. but instead, i just stare back at them and wave if they smile at me so theyre like geez whats her deal? ok obviously i need my own blog entry about this one. but gosh they hurt. and theyll ruin a meal in seconds.

khovater said...

Sorry Jesse. Wait, didn't Clay fix it last time? Can he help again. Those hurt so bad!

Anonymous said...

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