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Thursday, September 28, 2006

a thank you note

dear mom who was rather loudly (but patiently) talking to her 2 little boys (with one on the way, it seems) in target this morning,


even though the whole store could hear you, that was easily overlooked and forgiven for the fact that you reminded us all of a valuable lesson.

"no, grant, remember the rules? when we come to target, we ONLY get what is on mommy's list. no crying about it. NO crying."

as your little boys calmly accepted your lesson, i sheepishly put down the gourmet coffee i was salivating over (as i still have half a can at home in my freezer) and headed on to get what was on MY list. no crying about it. NO crying.


Kyle Smith said...

Larissa and I are bad about that, myself in particular. I feel too limited by a list I think...

You should really buy Fair Trade coffee anyway. www.cafecampesino.com offers a number of varieties and you can be assured that the farmers aren't getting shafted.


PS - It's refreshing to see parents reign in the kids instead of being controlled by them, isn't it?

Jesse Faris said...


You have opened my eyes to a whole new world: Fair Trade coffee! I had no idea...Thanks!

And yes, it was so great to see a mother explaining to her child that he wouldn't be spoiled rotten and to see the child understand!

Larissa Smith said...

If you want good Fair Trade organic coffee that you don't have to pay shipping on, get Ugly Mug from Schnucks. It's tasty.

In order to assuage my guilt over getting things not on my list, I sometimes simply add them. Now there are the valid times I forgot something and going down that aisle jogged my memory, but too often I find myself writing down "oreos", as though I always intended to get them.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

haha! good for that mommy! I know when aiden is older hell point at something and Ill be all...ok! when he was six months and had shots, i ran an errand at target afterwards and beause he was good i got him a rattle. Thats a bad sign.

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