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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

which one?

last night as i was watching "gilmore girls," taylor (the town busy-body / self-proclaimed mayor) used a word that i use every now and then. i was intrigued by his pronunciation, and thought that i would ask you, countless readers: how do YOU pronounce it?

1. hooray (who-RAY)


2. hurray (her-RAY)

if you think there is no right way besides your way, then click here.

(by the way, this is not which you think looks better...it's what you actually say. i like the first better, but #2 is the way i usually pronounce this word.)


Kyle Smith said...


-It's more British...and I think they speak better than we do.

Tesney said...

Why is it when someone asks how I pronounce a word, I'm never sure. I think I say hooray (who-RAY) because I tend to pronounce words how they look rather than phonetically...regardless of whether it's right or wrong...and I always write hooray. Case in point, I said salmon and sword incorrectly until I was a teenager (pronouncing the "l" and "w"). Ironically, it's a pet peeve of mine when people mispronounce words or use them in the wrong context (i.e. "pacifically" instead of "specifically").

Tesney said...

Augghhhh! I put a period instead of a question mark after my first sentence...another pet peeve, incorrect punctuation!!!

Kyle Smith said...

I run a computer repair store and I constantly have people calling for 'UBS' cables. THat drives me absolutely insane. I can even correct indirectly and later in the conversation they will again say 'UBS'.

-It is USB...just to clarify.

khovater said...

I for sure say her-ray and I also share Tesney's pet peeve. When people don't say words correctly I always correct them. I don't mean to it just comes out. I think folks who correct you is more annoying then pronouncing a word incorrectly. i am so annoying!

Anonymous said...

I say her-Ray. I share the pet peeve. My example would be those who say "everhow" instead of "however". It's not even a word!

Mommy of Boys said...

Definitely HOORAY for me!

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