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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

bodygetta bah

nick and i went to auburn this past weekend for the season opener against washington state. 40-14. nice. here were some of my personal highlights:

  • brad buck getting us out of traffic in montgomery AND outside of auburn
  • some "momma's love" from momma goldberg's along with their ridiculously simple but impossible to duplicate nachos (pepperjack cheese melted on top of cheese doritos)
  • jenny edwards' sweet & swank condo in eagle's landing (they didn't make em like that in my day)
  • catching up with one of my favorite people of all time: jim brinkerhoff (campus minister and the officiant of our wedding)
  • daniel mundie's homemade chocolate chip cookies (all 6 dozen of them!)
  • lunch at big blue bagel...those bagel chips (w/ranch) are one of a kind
  • tailgating at the auburn christian student center...barbeque house...mmm!
  • catching up with rocky & amy oliver & lori thomas during the customary pre-game claiming of seats (one must stand in line to wait for the gates to open and then claim their seat 2 hours before the game begins)
  • a quick stop at toomer's to observe the rolling
  • a late night trip to guthrie's to ensure that we gain weight during our trip!
  • running at kiesel park
  • meeting my parents (who drove down from atlanta) on sunday morning for church and lunch @ amsterdam's (oh, those turkey wraps with sweet potato chips...!)
how is it that some of my most favorite things about my alma mater are mostly places to eat? i think it's hilarious that whenever nick and i make the decision to go to auburn, we automatically start talking about where we will eat. (instead of "freshmen 15," it should be more like "alumni 15!")


amanda said...

my mouth is watering right now! i do the same thing. only my hot spots are Niffer's, Guthries, Amsterdam, Bodega, Toomer's lemonade, Ander's for whatever spirit paraphernalia i need for the year, shopping on the Strip, Haley Center for a copy of that week's Plainsman, a run thru the ACSC to see who I might know and subsequently verify my age when i don't know anyone, and a drive-by Summerbrooke apts on the way out of town! Oh, I do need a trip to Auburn!

Mommy of Boys said...

I'm so jealous! Amsterdams! Ahhh...I love it! Oh to be back in Auburn...glad you had fun and WAR EAGLE!

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