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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

beta beta fo feda

yup. i'm back to the ordinary template that looks like 50 billion other people's. but hey, i'm sticking with my theory that we are inspired by ordinary things, right?

i'm trying out the new blogger beta, so we'll see how things go. there are some things i miss. but there are some cool additions that make blogging easier. (plus, it looks like i can post on your blog now, julie! ha...)

bear with me through the transition.

in other news:
  • well, there is none. i am still working on my habit-forming 28 days of flylady and already the house is looking GREAT, i must say.
  • does anyone want to run the st. jude half marathon in december? training starts next week and it's not to late to decide that you want to do something inspirational and good for your body!


Larissa Smith said...

How do you stay motivated to do flylady? I gave it a shot a while back and got lost in the emails, plus having a full time job meant her emails didn't line up with when I could actually do things. Just open to your tips, as I really wanted to make it work.

Jesse Faris said...


I found the 5 billion emails to be more than annoying when I tried doing the flylady system in college. I will say that it makes it a lot more manageable when you sit in front of a computer all day, which I do for my job. This way, whenever I get an email I take care of it so they don't build up.

But if you don't have that luxury, here's what I suggest:

* Get a planner or use an online calendar (I use Google Calendar), and write down the things FlyLady likes to remind you about everyday (when it best fits YOUR schedule). A lot of her emails are just automatic reminders from the calendar she has set up on Yahoo. I don't even read those when I see them in my box...I just delete them. I get reminders from my calendar (or if you glanced at your planner/pdf) of the various everyday tasks. (ie: "Put on your shoes!" "Shine your sink!") This way your tasks line up with your own schedule.

* When I started her system this time, I went to her website and printed ALL of her 28-day steps all at one time. I put them in a notebook, and I read one everyday. That way I was able to start building the habits without constantly looking at her website.

* Another thing about the emails: Don't pay attention to them at first. They either 1)remind you of a daily task, 2)tell you about a zone, or 3)have an inspirational message or testimony in them. When you start her system, you don't really need to be concerned about any of those things. Just do a daily mass delete.

* If it makes it easier, you can go to the FlyLady settings and choose to get all of her emails condensed into ONE email at the end of the day.

* Don't try to do everything at once! It really can be overwhelming if you do. It's in my perfectionistic nature to just try and do all of the steps in a week, and you really need the time to let it all build up. You start small it begins GRADUALLY improving over time.

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