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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i've got sunshine on a cloudy day

do you want to know something that i love love LOVE seeing?

men buying flowers.

there is a large probability that these men are not buying the flowers for themselves. which leaves one to conclude that the particular botanical-focused man is purchasing daisies for the love of his life. it always makes me smile.

ps: this post was inspired by my sweet husband, who brought home some sunflowers for me yesterday to gush over when i came home from work. just because. they are so bright and pretty, they just make me smile. nick said when he was buying them, the guy at the register said, "looks like someone is in trouble." nick smiled and replied, "nope. just staying OUT of trouble!" relationship maintenance is important! (what have you done for your dear friend/love today?)


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

you know whats even funnier than a man buying flowers? a man (married) looking all awkward in Victorias secret picking out undies. thats a hilarious site. I could go to the mall and sit down with a double doozie and icy and watch for hours, the confused men coming in and out of there. It really disgusts me when they walk in with their boyfriend/girlfriend teeniboppers and theyre all over each other though. that doesnt make me laugh. gross.

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