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Sunday, July 16, 2006


so here i am. 26 years old. today. yeehaw!

there are about thirty minutes left of the day of my birth. it's been a good one. we've kind of been celebrating all week.

can't wait to write all about my new nike+ shoes/sensor...oh yeah, you better believe i got them and i am loving 'em! i am also now a proud owner of blueberry donuts for breakfast, a new cute strap for my digital watch, an adorable jcrew skirt, a yummy scoop of ice cream from marble slab creamery, and a brand new clean and good-smelling bright white kitchen trash can, ALL compliments of my adoring husband. (okay, well we just happened to pick up the trash can on the way home from our birthday shopping...)

for those wanting the update, i did not throw a party for myself. but nick did put together a little impromptu get-together with some close friends. i did however hype the birthday up for myself, and i would like to add that it mostly worked. getting all excited over my own birthday (instead of waiting for other people to and then getting let down when everyone had their own stuff going on) was a good idea, i believe. i plan to try it again next year. it's kind of like riding a rollercoaster...you can act like it's no big deal and it won't be. but if you get all scared as the cars are clicking up the hill and scream your head off when you start the plunge, it is MUCH more fun. i am all about rollercoaster birthdays.



khovater said...

YEA!! Happy Birthday Jesse! I am glad that you had a great day. So wait when is the trip to LR?

Julie said...

The four of us were there in spirit!!! Charles and Presley and Ryan all talked about how much fun they had in their minds at your party!!!! We practically threw a satellite party because we were so sad not to be there!!!

Kristy said...

Happy Late Birthday. I was in Mexico, but I thought about you...

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...


amber said...

Happy belated Birthday Jesse! I had forgotten that our bdays were so close together!

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