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Thursday, July 13, 2006

facial spaces

okay, so i have immersed myself in both worlds, in classic obsessively-jesse-style.

facebook. AND myspace.

i am publicly swallowing all of my words about how silly it seemed to be able to be sucked into an idea as dumb as asking friends that are already your friends to BE your friends. because it really does suck you in and it really is actually fun.

i have found high school friends, college friends, siblings, and now i'm looking for long lost best friends from 4th grade. good times.

my initial impression is that i actually like facebook more. myspace can be a bit overwhelming, and facebook is more organized, easier to find people, and seems more "legit."

if, like me, your college email address has expired because you are an old fogey, then try my little trick...get an alumni address. those work too. (i went to auburn's alum website, logged in, and under member services you can get an email address that basically forwards to your regular email address. yehaw!)

this whole thing has taught me a valuable lesson: don't knock it till you try it.
(ps: if you want to see my pages, i have added links to this blog!)


Unknown said...
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Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahaha! we are so both sucked in to the world of asking people to be your friends!!! ahhhhhh! ps the dude who used to be hot in hs (the quarterback) is now fat and balding. sweeeeeeet.

Julie said...

You are such a sucka! It is amazing who you can track down though. One week and counting until the Kisers come to move their stuff! Tell loading dock leader Nick to get ready to get his groove on!

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