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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

four things i am really liking lately:

1. wearing my hair naturally curly: i personally think my hair looks better straight, and it's much easier to manage overall, but with the combination of hot, humid weather and having to wake up relatively early for work, i have abandoned my head to the (often frizzy) curls and waves that like to take over. it is much less work.

2. chewing gum instead of snacking on bad food: working in a youth ministry office can be hazardous to your weight. one piece of spearamint trident white in the mornings and trident tropical twist in the afternoons, and i am good to go. (let's hope all that xylitol doesn't end up killing me.)

3. running with my nike+: yup, you know it had to make my list. dude, this is the coolest new technology. i strap my armband on, press play on nick's nano, and 44 minutes of a continuous crystal method track pump me up as a voice comes on every mile (or every time i push the center button) to let me know how many miles i have gone, how long i've run, and what my pace is (thanks to a tiny computer chip in my shoes). when i get home and sync up the nano, it sends all my running info to the nike + website, where it shows me where i sped up and slowed down during that particular run, how close i am to meeting personal goals, and it compares my runs against my other runs that week/month/year. i can even race a friend across the country or join a team of people to accomplish a group goal if i so desire. too cool.

4. my friend (and SV intern) jenna trapasso: this girl cracks me up. she is a one-woman comedy show. aside from her hilarity, she is genuine & honest, simple & childlike (in a good way), and loves God and people. i feel fun and silly and pure when i am around her. she just graduated from ACU and is currently looking for a job (doing anything), so if you know a way to keep her in memphis (or otherwise) LET ME KNOW! i wish i could pay her to be my professional friend. maybe if i cut out my clothes & music budget for the year...?

tonight nick leaves for a jr. high mission trip to nashville (and i am soon to follow--i'll meet them over there after work tomorrow). so jenna and i are taking our crazy curly heads to shelby farms, where we will give the nike+ its first run on my favorite trail. we might even chew some gum.


Tesney said...

Reading about your runs makes me so jealous! I was training for a half marathon just before we got pregnant, so I never got to actually complete it. I'm just starting to walk again and hope to move to a slow jog in the near future. We've got to get a jogging stroller first! The Nike + sounds so great. I don't even have a iPod yet, so guess I need to take baby steps. :) Oh! And happy belated birthday! I meant to comment on your big day.

Unknown said...

We want an update, we want an update!

I loved this post, though! Very yearbook-ish--i.e., "What's Hot, What's Not." Simply wonderful.

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