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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

pride & prejudice

alright kids. i need you to weigh in on this one.

am i too old for a myspace or facebook page? i know even as i ask this that i have friends that subscribe to one or both. nick told me once of his desire to be on facebook, and i completely chastised him and told him that he was not in college anymore and he just needed to face the facts. but since then, i am have become a bit jealous of my peeps catching up with other peeps on these pages and here i am all left out in the old with only my pride to keep me company.

nick taught a class at camp last week, and at the beginning of it he asked our teenagers grades 7-12 if they used instant messenger anymore. we used to use that like crazy when i was in high school and college. i can remember important conversations i've had with people contained in those little white boxes with red and blue text. can you believe that our kids said that IMing was "old school?!" i felt ancient! they said the new way they talked to each other was through myspace/facebook.

these things lead me to wonder if i might just be ready to swallow my prideful & prejudiced words for the sake of maintaining friendships.

so...what do you think? and beyond that, if i choose to join just one, what should it be?


Unknown said...

Oh, Jess. And I was all excited this post was going to be about Jane Austen.

I'm personally more of a facebook girl. I have a myspace, but it's because Jonathan likes it and has it. But I only have 8 friends or so, and one of them is Kevin Federline.

So, NO, I don't think it's lame to want either of these things. It's a great way to stay in touch/keep in touch. I'm just wondering how long it will last...

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ummm ok heard your joined. i need to sign on and find you...and i want to join facebook but think a. its too much and b. how on earth do i join? I dont have my old email anymore, and theyre snobby!!!

Jesse Faris said...

find me! find me! (i think i requested your friendship.) i also got on facebook b/c i wanted to check it out. i have to say that it is a lot less crazy. (i don't like how there is stuff everywhere on myspace.) it is pretty collegy, but i have found some fun people on there. i guess it just depends which one your friends use?

you can get on facebook by getting your auburn alum email. go to the auburn alum page and you can register for one. that way it's not like you're being a poser.

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