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Monday, June 19, 2006

something sweet

nick did something really sweet for me this week. he made me a card with a gift for every day that he would be gone during the work week. gifts are one of my top love languages--i feel like that sounds shallow...like i need things to make me feel loved or happy. but it's not like that. it's mainly the way that i like to show concern or care for the people i love. when someone does the same for me, i truly appreciate knowing that they were thinking about me creatively--who i am and what i like. it doesn't have to be expensive or cost money at all. notes/cards/letters/anything written down are actually my favorite. and the surprise element is mostly the best part.

anyways, i was beside myself all weekend because i couldn't wait to open my monday card and gift! nick had also told me to keep monday, tuesday, and thursday free because that was part of his surprise. today's gift was a huge hershey kiss with a sweet card, and he planned for me to have dinner and hang out with my friend amy turman. how fun!

i feel so loved this week that nick thought to "take care of me" and show me love even when he is absent. sorry for the bragging, but i have a great husband and i wanted everyone to know!


Kristy said...

What a good man!

Julie said...

He is such a good man! Charles and I also have a treat for you while he is gone! She weighs 18 pounds and is black and white and is psyched about her 4 nights at your house, for which you will be rewarded with a bigger prize! I hope you guys meant it when you said you didn't mind keeping her while we went to my bro's wedding!

lee said...

i'm dying to know
how you surprised

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