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Saturday, June 17, 2006

"...since my man and i ain't together..."

maybe this is weird for a wife to be like this, but i LOVE being with my husband. i mean, i would hang out all day EVERY day with him if i could. (i do any chance i get!) we hope to do full-time youth ministry together eventually (when he finishes grad school), and i am actually excited about being in the office and working together and then going home together. he is my best friend and i just do not get sick of him.

nick left for a week-long mission trip today, and it is the longest and really the first time we've been apart since getting married. i have been dreading it. (ps: if you are reading this and you are a stalker, don't even THINK about coming to my house this week. my dog is gigantic and the first place he attacks people is their crotches!)

today has been stormy. ("stormy weather...since my man and i ain't together...keeps rainin' all of the time"...any etta james fans...eh?) and for the first part of the day, i felt so sorry for myself, laying on the couch eating ice cream and watching "gilmore girls" while the rain poured down torrentially outside. but then, i realized: "this is the life!" i haven't really spent time with myself in a while. when i came home this morning from dropping nick off at the church, i felt lost...like i even forgot what i like to do when i'm by myself! well, i am starting to remember, and i plan to make the best of my week.

this week i will...
  • cook things i like for myself (artichoke dip, anyone?)

  • sleep in the middle of the bed

  • watch the girly movies that nick likes but pretends to hate (yehaw, little women!)

  • cuddle on the couch with my dog (like the old days)

  • read a book at a coffee shop

  • call my friends and catch up with them (or better yet, you can beat me to it!)

  • go running at shelby farms

any temporary-bachelorette suggestions?


Julie said...

Strangers beware of the Owens. A sweep of his tail alone could leave you wheelchair bound! Wait until he and Presley are teamed up this weekend!
When Charles is gone I watch lots of old Alias, eat ice cream, take a bath and talk on the cell phone at the same time. Charles thinks I could get electrocuted when I do that and we all know how silly that is, but I still have to wait until he is gone to do it.
I think we are hanging some night this week...maybe Tuesday....???

Tesney said...

Before baby, when Greg was a YM, I missed him, but liked some things about when he was gone in the summer. I could go to Target and spend hours, eat marshmallows and Cheez-Its for supper, and clean my house and it stay clean for more than one day. Plus, it's always great when they get home...like when you were dating and hadn't seen each other in a long time (like 8 hours-ha!).

lee said...

well, whenever your dad was gone for a week, i re-arranged the furniture.

now that he's retired from business travel,
whenever he's gone all day,
i organize my closet
and eat popcorn for dinner.

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