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Friday, June 16, 2006

...don'tcha think?

"isn't it ironic...?"

after yesterday's celebration of organization and planning, i would (ironically) like to post about something that i do every now and then: UNPLANNING.

my dear friend kristy crawford taught me how to do this several years ago, and it has stuck with me. how often do you UNplan your life?

i am a control freak. i like to know what's coming up. i like to know the whole situation. unplanning is good for me. it consists of taking the picture of what i've decided that my life will look like and thinking of something completely different. a "what if" scenerio. this is not an excercise in discontentment with what my life is like...it is actually stepping more into contentment with God being the Provider and myself being the Recipient. see, i *think* that i have things all planned out...but do i really? exactly.

for example:

*what if...nick and i moved to london for 5 years and i worked in a cafe and served people tea and he wrote the next great novel and we worked on our british accents?

*what if...we moved to auburn and took out gigantic school loans (more of them) and i got a graphic design degree and nick got an excercise science degree and i designed logos for auburn athletics while nick worked with the football program and they have us free tickets to any athletic event that we desired, even oh-so-coveted iron bowl tickets...in box seats? (ok, this one got a little wild...but it could happen!)

*what if...we moved to colorado, learned how to ski, and then taught ski lessons together and lived a log cabin that had a gorgeous view of the mountains and i made pancakes every saturday and we gazed out the windows with big mugs of hot cider as we wore long johns?

i realize all of these unplanning statements involve moving so far, but it's just because we are in the newlywed stage of life where do not yet know where we will "be." so here's a local "what if:"

*what if...i opened a business using something that had to do with handwriting (since i'm obsessed with it), and nick quit school and became a bible teacher at a high school and we bought a house with a big yard and adopted one more greyhound and one of those dogs that catches frisbees (making a total of 3), and we had cookouts every month and invited everyone on our block and had this great utopian neighborhood because of the relationships we built?

now, it's your turn...!


Kristy said...

ooh! ooh! This is one of my favorite posts from you. I like all of these options. I am definitely open to the moving part too... and, PLEASE, I mean pretty pretty please can I be a partner-- or even junior partner in the handwriting business?

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

woah. Hold on, please. you will need my graphic design expertise to get you through it. I DEFINITELY am IN. Thanks Jesse and Nick, for that fat retirement plan.

ps. jamin and i sometimes wish we had just upped and moved to Hawaii for a year and bussed tables. what if?? well, i guess we wouldnt be in monty. but it sure woulda been fun...

Julie said...

WHAT IF...we moved somewhere across the country to plant a church and our good friends the Farises and Rays came with us so that every Wednesday night for the rest of our lives we could watch whatever new JJ Abrams show was hot as well as the other ones he was in the process of phasing out because he had a newer hotter show to work on and Presley and Owens could live happily ever after(and in the process brought some lost people to Christ).

Jesse Faris said...

that would be SO COOL if presley and owens brought lost people to Christ!!

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