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Monday, June 26, 2006

the one-day promotion

today i have been promoted to head secretarial position, just for the day. usually i am up in the youth offices, minding my own little business with our preaching minister: copying papers, sending emails and letters, designing brochures or posters... but today is different. everyone from the main office is on vacation today, so they called me up to the major leagues.

the majors are nice because since i don't know how to do the everyday tasks of the job, i am only required to sit at the big desk in the nice ergonomically pleasing chair and do two jobs:

1. answer the phones
now, this is one job that is not my favorite. usually i do not know the information the caller is asking for. which probably makes me the worst administrative assistant in the world. oh well! luckily, i know how to punch all the buttons to transfer calls and access voice mail.

2. let people in the door
the main office door is magnatized, and you can only come inside if i see your picture on the little television screen and push the unlock button. this makes me feel very powerful. if i don't like you, you're not gettin in. just kidding. but not really, actually...because sometimes scary people come to the door and want money. i just let my greek professor from grad school into the office. he was my favorite teacher though, so i gladly unlocked the door. oh the power in that little button.

aside from those two things, i am completely free to do whatever i wish. (i guess..?!) i sneaked in a copy of july's "real simple" (my FAVE magazine) and plan to read it when i get desperate.

so that is my life today.
in other news, nick returned from his mission trip, safe and sound. his parents came in town on the same day as well, so we have been hanging out with them until they leave tomorrow. life is back to its normal craziness. we are getting ready for summer camp next week, which i am priveledged to take a few days off from my highland job to enjoy. good times...noodle salad. (anyone know what movie that's from?)


Tesney said...

As Good As It Gets, of course. Another fav line: "Go sell crazy somewhere else because we're all full here."

Kristy said...

me too! me too! I knew the name of the movie quote!

Julie said...

You are such a great utility player in the office! Thanks for keeping Presley and for her new toys! She always leaves your house with some new goodies she has confiscated from Owens. It is like summer camp!

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