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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

flying time

somehow it will be july by the end of the week. what??! since summer is flying by, i wanted to just state for the record that i am so pumped about abc's lineup of new shows this fall. i plan to make my tivo work overtime. to watch the previews and check out the schedules, click here.

the show i'm most excited about: 6 degrees.
here's what the washington post recently wrote about it:

Buh-bye "Primetime," hello "Six Degrees" -- that's the latest is-there-a-greater-force-at-work-here series from the church of J.J. Abrams, the "Lost" and "Alias" exec producer."They say that anyone on the planet canbe connected to any other person through a chain of six people," ABC says by way of explaining Abrams's latest concoction.

addendum: i hastily posted this yesterday and i had more to say on the subject. the washington post article aforementioned wrote about all of abc's shows coming out. i tend to be an nbc fan myself, but abc is just HOT right now. "grey's anatomy," "alias" (even though it is now only in abc history), "lost," "extreme makeover home edition," "desperate housewives" (not a fan myself, but you have to admit that just about everyone else in the world is!)... it's just getting better and better!

i do think the summer is pretty boring for tv shows, but i currently am enjoying "treasure hunt"...it's pretty cheesy, but the different people that make up the teams are HILARIOUS. (especially the brown family, the cutthroat preacher's family, and the hillbilly relatives) i tried out "how to win the guy" the other week and it was mildly entertaining as well.

all in all, however, i am ready for fall.


Heather said...

I am so excited about that show! I hope it doesn't disappoint. Speaking of disappointing, TV is so boring right now. Summer replacements just aren't impressive. Although, I have to admit I was a fan of Rock Star INXS last year and I'm kind of excited about the new one. I'm just going to wish my summer away awaiting the return of Grey's Anatomy (the best season finales EVER!!)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

dude. I saw that preview today. im so pumped about it too! I always enjoy summer cause i actually get a break from all my shows...but i am pumped ab that one!

Julie said...

I can't wait! I am sure that Lost will start to suck now though, if this show takes off. Sigh. We will have to have a weekly "break it on down" blog correspondence about the Jabrams shows since we won't be together on Wed nights anymore...one tear...

Julie said...

by the way...did you check out the preview for "brothers and sisters"? It has Sloan, the blond psychiatrist from Alias, Rachel (I think) and Balthashazar (or whatever).

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