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Thursday, June 22, 2006

we might as well be standing on the sun

the high today is ninety-four degrees fahrenheit. the air conditioner in my office is broken. it is about eighty-five degrees in here. nice.

there are
some things that i strongly dislike about summer heat
. a short list:

getting into my (black) car
when it has sat in the sun all day long. the (black) steering wheel burns my fingers and the hot air blowing full force out of the (black) air-conditioning vents makes me feel like the witch in "the wizard of oz." "i'm meeeeelting! mellllllltingggggg..."

2. wearing
long hair
in the summer. i rarely do this--i usually chop it off. but not this summer. so it sticks to my neck and frizzes out in the humidity. the only redeeming factor: i can put it up wet in a bun when i jump out of the shower (or the pool) as a low-maintenance 'do.

3. it's one thing to wear sunscreen
when you go to the beach. but i hate having to remember to put it on all of the time. just in case i eat outside or so i don't get fried when i go running. who wants to smell like sunscreen all day?

the heat makes people do weird things. 2 examples:

1. yesterday i peeked out the window to see what my dog was up to because he had not come back up to the back door to be let in an a good long while. i was shocked at what i saw. there he was, just chillin like a villain in the grass. you have to understand--my dog never lays down outside. he only lays on his dog beds and on the big carpet in our living room. he tries not to even walk on our hardwood floors if he can help it. he is a big sissy. but for some reason, he decided to give sunbathing a try. this afternoon when i went home for lunch, i caught him at it again. he's got to be dying out there--i can barely stand out there in a sleeveless shift, much less with a coat of fur! (ps: these pictures were taken with my phone, so they're not the best ever. owens' head is turned the other way, and yes, i know he is freakishly skinny. he's a greyhound...they're supposed to be like that.)

2. my friend martha and i went to jerry's sno cones the other day. this is one place that makes me happy to live in memphis. we both attempted to eat a kiwi/mango sno cone supreme. jerry's sno cone supremes are huge cups full of layers of sno cone and ice cream. they are awesome, but i have never come close to finishing one. neither has nick, actually. well yesterday i downed mine in about 10 minutes. it was amazing. and yummy.

so be careful guys. it's hot out there. you never know what might happen.


Heather said...

I am sooo HOT!! (okay, I'm not being conceited, I'm sweating.)
This heat wave is going to kill me.
Where in Memphis is this sno cone place? I would kill for a sno cone. I've been searching and I can't find one.

Tesney said...

It is really scorching and we've had NO rain here in so long! I'm dying and so are my flowers. :(

Heather said...

Okay, I got online, searched and searched, and finally found Jerry's Sno Cones!! We went yesterday and I had the most wonderful frozen creation--a Peach Supreme. Why has no one thought of putting ice cream and a sno cone together before? My husband says that Sonic already did that with their cream slush and that our moms already did that with snow cream (the 3 times it snowed in our lives), but I beg to differ.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

funny funny post. hey i was wondering if you knew that sometimes its hard for me to read your posts. there are these funny white blocks over your writing. anyway, i was wondering if it was just my computer or if other poeple are having trouble, too. is it my browser?? (netscape)

Jesse Faris said...

Heather: Sorry you had to hunt down Jerry's on the web! I should have gotten to you sooner. Isn't it such a great place? I'm glad you'll be able to enjoy it this summer.

Tesney: I've been feeling your pain. I have no gardening knowledge, so my flowers were dead weeks ago!

Ash: Sorry about my wompey-jawed website! I haven't seen anything overly weird when I've checked it from other computers, but maybe other people are having problems. I don't know...? Sorry! PS: I'm so happy you got a hedgehog, but I'm sad because I wanted to be the one to send it to Aiden so I could be his favorite person ever. Then, I could namedrop his name to everyone I met, "My little buddy...Aiden Mills...I gave him his favorite toy." Owell.

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

hahaha! too bad. too bad. for some reason the font is easier to read today on the main page. its bigger. ??? i is confooosed!!!

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