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Thursday, March 09, 2006

i am so stinking tired that i can't even think of anything original to name this post

so, in the last month...i’ve gotten a month closer to getting married!  there are actually, about SIXTY-SEVEN HOURS left, to be more precise.  whoa.  

as you can imagine, life is pretty crazy this week.  so i give you: stream-of-consciousness blogging...

several of close companions and consequently, bridesmaids/matrons, have become fellow bloggers recently.  cheers to you, dear friends!  i encourage you to take a visit to read the thoughts of kristy crawford, ashley mills, and leslie guinn.  

wedding week is such a roller coaster!  uuuuup!  i am SO excited that this person that i am so in love with is ACTUALLY going to spend the rest of his life with me!  (or my life with him...we have made a pact that i get to die first.  it is kind of a joke, but mostly not.)  doooowwwwnnnn!  arrrrrrg...there are so many things to do and not enough time to do them!  i will never do just ONE person’s laundry again!  oh no!  i never took time to fully appreciate doing just one person’s laundry.  oh, i am such an idiot for letting that slip by!  i can never get it back!  what will i do?  my life is overrrrrr!

luckily, things are on the uuuuups today.  maybe we can just stay up on cloud nine.  there are a lot less potholes up here than the streets of memphis.  

i’m trying to think of things i could share from the past month.  i can’t even remember.  seriously.  

i only have 67 hours left to write “jesse maddox.”  it’s a bit sad actually.  i really like my signature.  it’s hard to read, like famous peoples.  you can’t really make out the letters, except for the “j,” “m,” and “x.”  i haven’t gotten my new signature quite right yet.  and it’s going to be legible.  which disappoints me.  but it will be more difficult for my future children to forge on their report cards than my previous scribble.  

jesse maddox.  jesse maddox.  jesse maddox.  
i can’t let this “last” slip without being savored like the laundry thing did.  

here is something funny: i just upgraded to a new cell phone, which is coming in the mail this week.  it is a motorola RAZR.  and it is magenta.  that’s right.  it’s pink.  me.  with a pink phone.  i think it is hilarious!  i didn’t get it to BE hilarious, but i just think it is quite funny to think of me, jesse maddox (jesse maddox jesse maddox jesse maddox), as one of “those” pink RAZR girls.  would you have pegged me as one?  i am a lot girlier than you might think.  maybe.  

am i a bad pet owner if i don’t know who in the heck is taking care of my dog next week while i’m on my honeymoon?  how neglectful.  i offer a public apology to you, owens, for being so preoccupied that your treat jar has been empty for 2 weeks and the words “go lay down” are all you expect out of me.  

well, to plagiarize from my friend kristy, this post was a bit of a doozy.  (why do i think of “fraggle rock” when i hear the word “doozy?”)  

i am posting on my blog at 2am, 2 days before my wedding.  am i CRAZY?  


Unknown said...

Yes, but I love you, Jesse Maddox.

Kristy said...

Well, everything turned out perfectly. Definitely appreciated and admired your "non-anxious presence." Aloha. Hope Hawaii was wonderful!

Caanan said...

Just so you know, getting your name changed with Social Security isn't much of a problem at all.
Congrats on the new phone. :)
Doozers were the little guys on Fraggle Rock... I should know, I have the first season. :)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

Thanks so much for your prayers, sweet girl! i hope the honeymoon was spectacular and that you are loving being a wife! I am so happy for you! Ill call and we'll talk soon. are you posting any pics soon of your adventures in hawaii? Kristy told me a little. Im sorry it flooded, but what a great story for the kids, and grand kids, and I am sure you didn't have a hard time finding things to keep you occupied otherwise!!!

Unknown said...

Jesse Faris needs to update, and yes, with pictures (I agree with you, Ashley!)

khovater said...

I agree!! Jesse you have slacked off way too long! We need pictures!!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ok Im back. still no pics. comon!!!!! when are you joining myspace so we can look cool together?? you totally made my slideshow...be teeniboppers with the rest of us!!!-thanks for your prayers again. lOVE YOU!!!!

Kristy said...

Update! I keep checking every day and no update... Are you there? :) Miss you!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

LOL!!! i totally saw that millions of little peices guy get grilled! why? because i watch oprah every single flippin day!!! hahaha! you know, the longer you wait, the more pressure will build for a cool entry. im waiting. the world is waiting.

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