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Friday, February 17, 2006

and a partridge in a pear tree

1. if you like music, you will love this: www.pandora.com (steve jobs: take notes!)

2. speaking of apple...they are running a contest right now. the grand prize winner gets: one 20" imac, ten (count, em...TEN) 60g ipods, and a ten thousand dollar itunes giftcard. oh, and a music scholarship named after them. think i'm lying? click here.

3. it snowed here last weekend. the fattest snowflakes i've seen in the south in YEARS. it covered the whole ground with inches of clean beauty. and i missed it. i saw it happen, but nick and i had to drive to little rock to catch a flight to dallas. (it actually stuck around so long that the last of it didn't melt until wednesday!) i wished that instead of slipping and sliding on the road, i was laying on my couch with a blanket, popcorn & ginger ale, and a good book. luckily, there is a similar ominous forecast this weekend. a second chance!

4. nick turned 24 on wednesday, february 15. (happy birthday, baby!) it just so happened that on that day there were 24 days left until our wedding. a day of 24. coincidence? perhaps oui, perhaps non.


Unknown said...

you like ole Mike Mason? Hope you feel better soon...

Shannon said...

i just stumbled on to your blog by way of ashley and jamin's blogs... and you're getting married! congratulations!

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