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Thursday, March 30, 2006

jessefaris jessefaris jessefaris: part one

Posted by Picasa so, um...well, this is just weird. how do you write about one of the most significant events of your life? i've put it off for a solid two and a half weeks now because i've been at a loss.

it was amazing. breathtaking. awesome. incredibly special. whirlwindish. lovely.

it just came and went in a weekend. our wedding. the joining of our lives together FOREVER. and life kept going...!

little funny things have happened over the last week that i have wanted to blog about.
Posted by Picasa "you'll never guess what happened...," i've wanted to say, followed by some quirky story about a woman in the target parking lot, something my dog did, or my latest thoughts on cruise ship disasters. but alas, i have had to put those aside. because i must address THE WEDDING.

so here we go:

wow, i have never felt that much craziness surrounding me in one tiny weekend. phones ringing, who needs to be where, is this okay, what do you want/need, where is so & so... it's such a strange feeling to know that something HUGE is going down, and you are in the center of it.
now, i am known for my dramatic flair. and i will admit, i do tend to exaggerate on occasion. okay, mostly all the time. but i am not stretching the truth when i talk about how tremendous a wedding is. on one hand you have the technical aspect: months of planning falling into place. on the other hand, just think about what is actually occuring: you are saying, "YES! FOREVER!" to one person. this...(pause for dramatic effect)...is a GIGANTIC thing.

i was amazed at myself. with all of the chaos and excitement, i felt centered, peaceful, content, and just radiently happy. for months i had pictured myself as this harried, stressed out bride. but it didn't happen. i felt like a beautiful, nonanxious presence!

some highlights:
(by the way, the top picture is of the moment in the ceremony when we were announced as "mr. and mrs. nicholas faris," and the picture below it is of part of our program.)

Posted by Picasa * the bridesmaids luncheon that some memphis women threw for us was one of the highlights of my weekend! all six bridesmaids (the four from auburn days are pictured here) plus some family and friends-like-family were in attendance. great girly food with a time of sharing that humbled and inspired me. i love taking time to tell people how much they mean to you. this was one of those times, and it will always be a most special memory.

Posted by Picasa * the rehearsal dinner was unforgettable! more family and friends, more great food (and i mean GREAT), and i will give a shout-out to reta and angela faris on the centerpieces: well done! they were gorgeous! we had great fun sharing our families for the first time. (this picture is of the remaining memphian bridesmaids as well as one of my bouquet friends...)

Posted by Picasa * my mom compiled this meaningful collection for me... something old: a pearl ring that she had given me when i turned 13, something new: my wedding dress, something borrowed: a handkerchief that belonged to nick's great-great-great grandmother (wrapped around my bouquet), something blue: (this part is a little hazy to me--mom, you may have to explain this better in a comment!) 14 strands of fabric from my mother's (steel blue/green) skirt were bound together in biblical symbolism and pinned to the inside of my dress.

Posted by Picasa * the bouquet: this was one of my favorite parts of our ceremony. i collected my bouquet (of gerber daisies in shades of peach) from an assortment of dear friends as i walked down the aisle. my mother tied a big satin bow around them when i got to the end. i am so glad i got to include this group of people that have had such an influence in my life and remain so special to me. as i walked down the aisle towards nick, it was like the many compartments of my life were completely intersecting in that one moment as i received flowers from atlanta friends, auburn friends, mentors, memphis "family"...it was the only moment in the ceremony in which i was in danger of crying my eyes out!

* i will note that the most talked about item of the ceremony has been the song i walked down the aisle to. i tend to be fairly quirky and untraditional, so of course the song was going to have to follow suit. it was: "fix you," by coldplay. (compliments of: my ipod.) if you know the song: it started playing in the end of our slideshow, the groomsmen all walked out from the front when the piano started, the bridesmaids walked in from the back when the acoustic guitar started, and my father and i made our grand entrance when the drums kicked in with the electric guitars. ha. (of course the song ended pefectly at the end as my mom finished tying the bow and joined us as we stood before nick.)

Posted by Picasa * if you know my family, then you know the significance of this picture. my father is usually in a motor-powered wheelchair when he is out in public, due to the post-polio syndrome that weakens his body. for my wedding, however, my dad opted to boldly walk me down the aisle. this in itself was a deeply special moment to me.

Posted by Picasa * the other part of the wedding that guests have commented on is the food. yummy. wish i'd eaten more of it. we had a desert reception with bride's cake (pictured here), chocolate groom's cake, the most cheesecake you have ever seen in your life with all kinds of toppings, a candy station with to-go boxes (all the candy was brown and green, of course!), delicious rich petit-fours with our monogram on them, and a cute little coffee bar with all the fixins (special "jesse & nick" labels were attached to each cup!). the room was lit by candlight, and ginger ale sprarkled in moonshine jugs sitting on the tables. i can gush about it, by the way, because none of it is to my credit! it was all the complete mastermind of my wedding planner genius friends and kind-of big sisters: lori humber and amy turman. they are fabulous!

Posted by Picasa * just thought i'd add this cool picture of us leaving. something that happened on accident but turned out great was that i forgot to decide what guests would "throw" at us when we left. whoops! i ended up liking it though--no mess and lots of applause! we left in a black shiny audi sportscar with lots of fun gadgets inside.

so there you have it. the official wedding-in-a-rather-large-nutshell update! it was a great weekend. special and memorable. and we've finally gotten to our favorite part: being married! it's great!

i'll relay our first adventures of marriage (aka: the honeymoon) pretty soon. until then, i will leave you with this news story and this picture:
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Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

ALAS!!! I have been waiting for this moment!!! Cool cake cool dress cool old new blue, cool groom cool song, cooler bridesmaids...jk. anyway,your wedding was totally FAB and I love the pics you posted. Did you officially get some back or are these the others? I was so glad your dad walked you down the aisle! And very happy I didn't ruin anything by walking in first - you were a BEAUTIFUL NONANXIOUS presence! totally. I was amazed. oh yeah, btw, those to go boxes are evil, bc fat kids Jamin and Rocky went over to the candy to go, and packed them full of jelly beans, only to have them all spill out into my car a day later when I applied the breaks a little too hard. So now every time I find yet another jelly bean in my console, I do think of that glorious day. Nice party favors!

Kristy said...

Oh, Jesse... What a perfect entry! Definitely worth the wait, and a fun reliving-the-experience with you again. Thanks for satiating all of your adoring readers... Seriously, love you, mean it!

Unknown said...

Satiating...yes. I love that our honeymoons will forever be inextricably linked with bad weather and a fire. Hooray.

Love you, glad you invested in the long entry. It's so encouraging to watch you and Nick's easy transition into marriage. Hooray!

khovater said...

Well done Jesse. It was totally worth the wait. I look forward to more stories at Leslie's wedding. The whole thing really was so beautiful and wonderful. Did I tell you that I cried through the whole thing. Yup sure did. It was great!

Caanan said...

I sure was glad to hear about your wedding--from you. As I have just read your account, tears are trickling down my face because of the happiness I have for you. I'm glad your day went well. All the pictures look amazing. I'm so happy for my Big Sis.

Mommy of Boys said...

congratulations, jesse. you were a beautiful bride and i loved the details you put into everything. you're such a cool chick! oh, love the handwriting too.

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