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Monday, January 23, 2006


47 days left until the wedding. what in the world? (if you’re into alias, you’ll understand who i might feel that this day is a big ominous!)

i have taken the last hour of my life to:

1. look at the dog products in the latest orvis catalogue (if only i had the money to buy owens a dog couch!), which inspired me to play with my furry friend.

2. talk to my dear friend melanie ponchot, one of my favorite artists who happens to have been my freshman year roommate at auburn and who also happens to be drawing my wedding invitations. (the big day is here! she is emailing me the final product tonight!!)

3. catch up on my blog-reading. seems like everyone else might be a bit too busy to post on their blogs, as i have been recently experiencing. you know it’s bad when your own mother has to watch her tivo in fast forward!

4. think about cleaning off the desk in my bedroom, get off the couch to do it, and then sit back down when i was too overwhelmed with the thought of actually completing the task.

5. start posting on this blog as a means of making myself seem like i have better things to do than cleaning some of my room.

oh goody. nick just called and wants me to come over and watch the rest of “grey’s anatomy” with him. (a new favorite!) welcome, delightful diversions! in all seriousness, though, i need the break. no, really, i do...

two other things i would like state to the cyberspace abyss:

1. i have cooked a real full-fledged meal for nick and i every weekday for a whole week now! tonight: stuffed peppers. yippee! i am a domestic diva!

2. i just want to say that the home-stretch of the engagement is most tedious when you have to commute back and forth between each other’s houses. i know we live practically around the corner from each other, but it’s just ridiculous that i’m going over there to watch tv, then he’s coming over here to eat dinner, then he’s going back there after he’s done. what?


khovater said...

He could just move in with you right now. I am sure that nobody would have a problem with that ;) Jesse, this time is what makes the real thing that much better. It is so great that nobody goes anywhere when the night is over. And to be able to call ONE place "our home" is securing. I am impressed with the cooking. That just doesn't happen a whole lot for us. You have challenged me to be better about it!

Unknown said...

THe commute=more tedious than tracking down mailing addresses.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Love the link for being a domestic diva. i'm going to have to subscribe. i've been making the same old thing... hope your addresses are coming along (wish i could have been of some more help), and i can't wait to see your invitations! call me if you need me.

khovater said...

It's not 47 anymore!!

Caanan said...

Hey Big Sis!

Just wanted to tell you about a website when I saw the cluttered desk won the battle. flylady.net has been the best thing I've come across to help me with housekeeping. Babysteps, and saying no to the "p" word (perfectionism).

Anyway, congrats on the wedding and all that.

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