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Friday, February 03, 2006

too good to be true?

i am about to do something that will give me back hours of my life.  days even.  hopefully.

i have a 10:30am appointment with an establishment called super supperstomorrow.  it sounds like the new revolutionary plan for family dinners.  

now, if you know me even a little at all, you probably know that i get pretty jazzed about things.  especially new things.  and this is one of those...

here’s the rundown:

1. you go to the internet, find the super suppers location nearest you, check out the menu (complete with nutritional and dieting information), and make an appointment on the calendar.  (either that, or you can just walk in on wednesday between 10am and 6pm.)

2. you show up at the place, and (from my knowledge) enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with pleasant music playing in the background and people walking around with drinks and appetizers.  

3. you step up to a clean and organized “station,” where you begin assembling your first meal.  every item you need is precut, chopped, and measured into the correct portion.  you follow the instructions to assemble a yummy meal in a disposable, freezer (sometimes oven) safe container.  

4. after making 6 or 12 meals (which serve 6 people), you pack your containers up (with instructions on cooking them) into a laundry basket which you have brought with you, and head home to put everything in your freezer.  your meals will keep in the freezer for four months!!  

5. the next day after a long day at work, when you WOULD HAVE BEEN picking out a recipe and maybe going to the grocery and chopping everything up, marinating, mixing, stirring, cooking, and then cleaning everything up...INSTEAD...you have a nice cup of tea while you watch “ellen” on your tivo and then pop your premade meal into the oven or into a frying pan or pot.  

too good to be true??  i’ll let you know.  


Unknown said...

The leftovers were good.

khovater said...

Hey guess what? I think that we are going to be in Birmingham the day of your shower! So i am officially and for real inviting myself to your shower. E-mail me and let me know the details. I am really excited!

Unknown said...

I thought super suppers were dinner parties super heros ate at.

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