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Friday, January 20, 2006

hold it lightly

alright kelly. what goes around, comes around, i guess. (that's in response to my ranting a few months ago about my friends never updated their blogs!)

well, things have been...
busy, eventful, crazy, full of activity, tiring, on the go, chaotic, emotional, stressful, demanding, taxing, hectic, out of balance...

but also..
exciting, new, fun, full of friends, dreamy, creative, gushy, thrilling, in love, and definitely not boring.

that's life in a nutshell.

here are some comments about life that i will put in an acronym of a word that seems to be enveloping our entire existance at the moment:

W e (nick & i) have been having so much fun looking forward to what life is going to be like when
E verything settles into what will be called: our marriage! it is even more exciting to me right now than the actual event that will make it happen. now,
D on't get me wrong--i know our "big day" will be special and memorable and fun...but i am just even more thrilled about the thought of starting a life with my best friend, whom i love and admire and can't imagine living without! my thoughts on the engagement period: it is such a strange phenomenon--the process of two separate people joining their lives together.
D oesn't it just happen? i've been realizing that's not so true. we are sometimes so in-sync it's hilarious and lovely. we are sometimes so out-of-sync that it's painful and frustrating. and everything constantly requires the act of being
I ntentional. man, that is so hard! treating another as i would want to be treated. endless sacrifice. giving up my pride and selfishness and control (a huge one for me!) so i can be a servant. isn't that what we're supposed to be like anyways? why is it so difficult to be that way with the person i love the most? something i've learned recently (from randy harris at the national conference on youth ministry) is that i
N eed to hold things lightly. this can apply to most everything. possessions. issues. drama. frustrations. desires. expectations. why do i always act like everything amounts to the one moment i am currently experiencing? it is humanly impossible for me to be patient, self controlled, kind, serving, sacrificing...no, really, it seriously can't be done! i need the Spirit of
G od to fill my life and produce those kinds of fruits. it's only by the Spirit's fullness and guidance in my life that i live as i should...as i want to.

and everything else...i just need to hold it lightly.


khovater said...

Well done Jesse that was a great post. It is a crazy time. I found it so comforting to know that you only have to do this one time in your whole life. Really, the first words that came out of my mouth after we walked down the isle..."I am so glad that I never have to do that again!" The marriage part of the wedding is 50 bazillion times better then the engagement and the wedding. I am so excited for you Jesse! Oh and I am really enjoying hearing you being so excited too. It's really fun and contagious.

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