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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

red powerade = the bane of my existence?

does it ever seem to you like life is happening so fast, that when you get the opportunity to catch someone up, you have nothing to say?  

i am in that predicament.  

today’s brief post is kind of a gross subject: mouth ulcers.  i get the worst ones.  i have two in my mouth right now and they HURT HURT HURT!  does anyone know the cure for these?  

i discovered a type of cure several years ago through the most amazing internet search engine ever: my mother!  a leading ingredient in most toothpastes can cause an allergic reaction in some people, thus causing mouth ulcers.  after i switched to a toothpaste without sodium lauyrl sulfate, my problem pretty much disappeared.

but recently...i have been getting lots!  and they are bad!  they make my eyes water.  they make me refrain from talking (good for some people, i’m sure!) and smiling.  is that the existence i want to have for the rest of my life: silent, stone-faced, and crying?    

someone mentioned today that they get mouth ulcers from red dyes in foods/drinks.  i HAVE been drinking a lot of red powerade recently...i wonder...

don’t worry: i will keep you updated on this mystery.  


khovater said...

I am sure that this is not the best way to do things but when I get ulcers in my mouth I take a Q-tip with hydrogen proxide on it and saturate it. I let it soak in then spit the rest of it out. Don't swallow! Well actually that may not be the worst thing ever I just don't feel good about swallowing somthing that is used to clean out gross and gooy cuts on your knee. Two things are accomplished by doing this. For a short time, at least in my mouth, it numbs the area. It also cleans out the ulcer. I know, I know it fills back up with bacteria the second you close your mouth, but it makes me feel better, like I am being proactive. Again, probably not the most efficient way possible, but I feel like it helps. I feel your pain and it sucks. Have you tried listerine tooth paste? I have used it for a year and truly can not remember when I last had an ulcer. Anyway...hope you recover soon!

amanda said...

I second the Q-tip and peroxide trick. actually, i found the most efficient way is to just pour some peroxide in the cap, pull out my bottom lip, and saturate the evil canker sore. it bubbles and is gone in no time.

lee said...

my grandma kept a little bottle of camphorated oil for this very purpose--I'll see if I still have some...

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