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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"...and here we are in heaven..."

okay, okay...i know i'm a little delayed with this one. but october was a crazy month. i have been waiting for the perfect moment to break the news, but there really just hasn't been one. so...(drum roll please)...

nick and i are engaged!

Posted by Picasa it all went down on monday morning, october 10th. i had been expecting something to happen on every occasion, in every moment. every time nick had said something to deter me (truthfully or otherwise), my crafty imagination thought, "ooo...he's trying to fake me out! i won't fall for it!"

(which leads me to ask: why do we so often try to thwart ourselves? i am the WORST about that!)

well, fake me out he DID. the weekend before the big day, nick and i traveled to searcy, arkansas to visit his parents and younger brother. (unbeknownst to me, the parents had brought the ring from dallas and were making the swap with nick.) in the car ride back to memphis, nick asked if i wanted to go ring shopping later that week. i knew he already knew what i wanted, so i was so frustrated to find out that he hadn't done anything with that information. he hadn't even BEGUN to do anything with it! i finally admitted to myself that he wasn't like everyone else, just trying to psych me out--MY boyfriend really DIDN'T have a clue.

monday morning, i went to my amy turman's house to baby-sit. when i showed up, amy told me her doctor had called that morning to cancel her apointment. after chatting with her for awhile, i headed home to get ready to go into work. meanwhile, nick had set up the "fake" baby-sitting job and was getting ready to pop the question at my house...

when i arrived at my house, i had to answer a question (pertaining to the first time nick and i met) as a password to get inside. (at this point, i thought nick was just trying to do something sweet...non-engagement related!) inside, he had set up candles and gerber daisies (my favorite). nick pressed play on my stereo, and "fix you" (a song that we both LOVE) started playing...he said sweet things, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

nick had arranged for me to take the day off of work, so we spent the day together, had a bbq picnic down by the river, and he had a little surprise party for me at the jerkins' house that evening! it was a great day...

Posted by Picasa i am a tough person to surprise, but nick, you pull it of flawlessly every time! i love the way you teach me how God can do things beyond my own plans and imaginings. i love how you inspire me to seek the Lord and show compassion to the people around me. i can't imagine doing anything better with my life than using it to serve God with you as your wife! i love you!

so that's the story. projected wedding date: march 11, 2006.

on a different note, the week of engagement was bittersweet with the passing away of my grandma bob. i had such deep regret that i had not called her with our happy news before her death. when nick and i arrived in indiana, my mom took us in her room and showed us where she had spent her last moments. on her desk, they had found an engagement card, written to nick and me. unsigned. it will remain one of my most precious possessions.


Unknown said...

How did you get such a good picture of your ring? I'm having an impossible time with it

Campbell Family said...

I just read your happy news. Congratulations to you both! I wish you all the best. Your projected wedding date is just three days after my projected due date! Who knows? We may share a special day!

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