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Sunday, June 12, 2005

odds and ends

odds: when i surveyed the house assigned to my team for memphis workcamp this past tuesday, i thought, "there is no way that 10 teenagers led by 2 twentysomethings can scrape and paint this big green monster in 4 days." take a look at what i saw on a much (MUCH) smaller scale...

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but there's more...(right side)
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...and more...(back)
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...and yet more (left side)
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ends: and YET...
isn't it just like God to take weak, ordinary people and do extraordinary things through them?

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and by the way: scattered thunderstorms were forecasted daily, but there was not one drop of rain until friday evening during the end-of-workcamp banquet. hours after the last coats of paint had dried and the buckets of scrapers had been stored away for next year, hundreds of voices hushed in the middle of their praise, as the God they had been worshipping said through his torrential downpour and thunder, "My voice is louder than yours!"


lee said...

You wouldn't be getting all weird about the weather now, would you?

(The house looks magnificent!)

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