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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


how do people do it?

i have been a part of "corporate america" for a full week now. i am taking over an administrative assistant position under one of our pulpit ministers at church. it's a great job, but my eyes have been opened to a brand new world of "busy."

how do people find time to work all day long and still read their mail and brush their teeth and take their dogs out? i mean, i don't even have a marriage or kids to attend to, and i have already worn myself out this week! do people go through their whole lives feeling this tired??

i have a brand new respect for:
1. grown ups
2. church secretaries (they really DO do it all!)
3. starbucks employees (it must stink to get up superearly just to deal with caffeine deprived cranky people all morning, while the fact that you're overcharging them about $3/cup of coffee weighs on your conscience the whole time...)

if you have any advice for this new "real adult," pass it along!
until then, my goal by the end of this week is to go to bed without saying, "awww man...i forgot/ran out of time to ____."


mac ice said...

Advice? Be well, do good work and keep in touch. (Ok, it's Garrison Keillor's advice, not mine).

Funny how I stumbled onto your blog from Matt Elliott's via your mom's blog. How strange. How is life treating you, friend?

Grace and peace,
Mac Ice
Campus Intern, Summer of 1995

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