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Saturday, June 04, 2005

hot dog!

something happened yesterday that just burned me up.

i live practically across the street from a target. man, i love that place! my new location in relation to that store is very very dangerous. but that's not the point of this post.

so i am leaving target yesterday, and i hear a strange sound. it's june 3 in memphis...a sweltering 90 degrees. i promise that sometimes this city (as much as i like it) feels like the armpit of america. so it's hot and humid and i'm rushing toward the air conditioned haven of my car, and i hear this weird sound. and then i realize what the sound is...

a dog, trapped somewhere in a car, is YELPING. this is no "i'm a dog and i see people outside the window so it's my job to bark at you" sound. this is a sound of agony. i'm positive the fur was just melting off of that dog. i frantically looked around the parking lot in an attempt to find the car with the suffering canine. no such luck.

so i just had to get in my car and leave. and i steamed all the way home. (pun intended.)
some people treat their dogs like their children, and that can be disturbing.
but some people treat their dogs with much less regard, and that is just downright wrong.

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Anonymous said...

How did you take that picture? Did you have both hands on the wheel? Way to think about your dog's safety...

lee said...

The doggie in the window, the one with the waggley ears...
A face like that could launch a thousand road trips!

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