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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stop and Smell 'Em

It's completely cliché, but upon waking on the groggy side of the bed this morning, it occurred to me to try looking at life through my perky morning bird's eyes. 

Last week, she cried real tears when she realized Daddy had mowed down all of her beautiful "flowers." This girl adores a big bouquet for her very own. After a batch of spring rains, our front yard was just that. We try to fool the neighborhood into thinking we have grass by keeping only the short green portions of our weeds on display. But this plan was quite heartbreaking to our flower girl. 

I assured her they'd grow again soon. Ever since, she's been collecting puff ball dandelions in the basket of her bike and bringing them home before blowing their seeds into the breeze, as if declaring in her own oblivious way: "WE WILL REBUILD." 

So much of grown up life is weeds, weeds, weeds. Until you remember that weeds can be flowers, too. 


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