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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grace, Gratitude, & Gift-Excitement

Thanks for "listening" yesterday. Something I've been thinking about since posting: there are similarities between ALL first-time mommies, no matter how we're getting there. Perhaps I'm struggling with "adoption brain" along with my normal new-parent worries. Perhaps most people worry about balancing their jobs with parenting responsibilities. Perhaps these recent grey & rainy days are affecting me like they usually do.

Time to give myself a little grace.
(Future post to come on what that looks like and how it's workin for me.)

I was reading in John 2 this morning about Jesus turning water into wine at his friends' wedding. It reminded me that God cares about my celebrations in life. These times can be stressful with all of the bustle and trying to make ends meet. But Jesus provides enough to celebrate fully. He sustains the joy. For that, I feel extreme gratitude.

Speaking of which, we have been the recipients of so much generosity recently! This little house is starting to look like a little girl will live here soon! Some dear friends threw me a baby shower this past weekend, and Rhet is going to be living large!

Thought I'd share with you a few items friends have gifted us with over the past several months that I can't wait to use soon:

Britax Roundabout Carseat
Super pumped about this sucker. Nice and girly for the little lady, but I can easily put a cover on it for future boy-child if necessary. Not that that matters--picking out a carseat totally reminded me of choosing running shoes: looks don't/can't matter. Everything I've read about this car seat has been positive. This is a small bonus I get to adopting a child who will be at least 12 months old by the time she comes home--no infant carrier systems! Convertible carseat was the only box to check...lucky me. :)

I know not everyone finds the need for the backseat mirror, but I am going to use one--something about not knowing what Rhet's little face looks like (is she sleeping, happy, mad?) back there is unsettling. We have an Eddie Bauer puppy dog mirror that will do the trick and will keep me in the know.

Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair
I originally registered for a super-cute girly version of this high chair. However, using a giftcard to purchase it at the store gave me the presence of mind to choose something a little more gender neutral. So thankful for that revelation of future-mindedness, as the blues, greens, & browns in this chair actually "fit" with our dining area and blend in with the background. This chair was in the "save" category, and I am loving it's simplicity.

I should also mention that I am a huge fan of all things Munchkin. They totally reel me in with their modern feel and creative ideas. Snack bowls with flexible openings for little hands, spoons that change colors when they're too hot, little mesh holders to aid in eating risky treats (like grapes) = sign me up.

We're also going to be using bottles in the morning and evening to aid in attachment to our little cutie-pie. (Posts on attachment in adoption to ensue, I'm sure. But if you're curious, check out this book and this book!) Bottle of choice: Avent. However, solid foods are on the menu for most of Rhet's day, so she's now the proud owner of some cute plates. bowls. & spoons as well.

Moby Wrap
Have any of you used a Moby Wrap? Have any of your HUSBANDS used a Moby Wrap? Carriers like this are supposed to be great for attachment, and I am very excited about how comfortable this wrap looks. However, while this was a "save," I'm wondering if we also need to purchase a carrier in the "splurge" category (Baby Bjorn or Ergo Baby) for the fact that it looks a little more acceptable for a father to be wearing it. I know I'll be loving this for home use, but I wonder if the structure of a pricier carrier might be worth it. Thoughts?

Okay, I'll end with 2 splurges and a simple save:

Oh yes, my friends. I will be delving into the world of cloth diapering soon. gDiapers are our weapon of choice, for three reasons: 1) Their hybrid flexibility (you can choose a flushable insert or a cloth insert), 2) Their reviews & customer service, & 3) They are so dadgum cute.

Our first shipment of Rockin' Green laundry detergent is due to arrive any day now, after which you'll get my run-down on the mysterious and intimidating world of cloth diapers made simple.

This is a splurge AND a save. Up front = splurgin' it. But in the long run, I am super pumped about doing the laundry instead of zipping that debit card over and over and over.

BOB Revolution
I see more marathons in this momma's future! I am super-psyched (yeah, I just said that) about this guy. SUPER easy to break down, set up, and roll along. In the past, I've just been a slow runner that can run long. NOW, I can can look respectable running long with a stroller--that looks hardcore! :) I'm excited to get to share my hobby with my daughter--maybe when she's big enough, she can run next to me instead!

Here comes a save that every household with a child should have:

I. Love. This. Book. It was my childhood favorite, and I'm so happy it's still around. I found it hilarious to rebelliously turn the pages as Grover warned me about the monster on the last page. At the end of the book, well, I won't give it away, but things aren't as scary as Grover thought.

I'm kinda hoping parenthood is that way, too. ;)


Blessed said...

Great post, Jesse!

I am so sad I am no longer in town and had to miss your shower. I do plan on getting Rhet a little something and I will bring it on my next trip! Hopefully, she will be with you on my next trip?! :)

That is one of my all time favorite books too! And, yes, parenting really IS so much like that book. ha! You'll be an awesome mom!!!!! :) No worries!

Brett, April, Caden, Corban & Eden said...

ok, let's just get past that i have your blog in my google reader...but your writing fascinates me. anyway, i'm leaving a comment about the moby wrap vs. ergo debate. i, too, have been doing research on this with baby #3 on the way. I found a "make your own wrap" site and basically you can make your own moby wrap by buying 5 yards of t-shirt fabric. (no sewing necessary b/c the edges roll on their own) i just did this at hobby lobby w/40% off coupon and it was only $20! way cheaper than the "real thing". i hear the ergo is the way to go from about 6 months on and i've got a friend that still puts her 4 year old in it. this is already on my christmas wish list. you can't find them cheap anywhere b/c everyone keeps theirs! hope this helps. ;) --april

Jesse Faris said...

April, you're so sweet! Thanks for the tips! We were already given the Moby Wrap, but that is a fantastic idea to make your own. I've heard great things about Ergo--I just think it might be a better option for traveling in Ethiopia and out in public in Memphis. Good point about not finding them cheap bc people keep theirs...I guess that is a testimony to people liking them! Appreciate your suggestions!

Katie said...

I found the Moby very difficult. But I'm short. The Moby appealed to me a lot, but when trying to tie it, it just feels like 40 feet of fabric. And, it's hard to keep it from dragging on the ground out in public. So i'm not sure how people do it.

Love the spoons that turn white when food is too hot. I've just started feeding Benjamin rice cereal mixed with formula, and that comes in handy, as clearly an adult tolerance to "hot" is higher than that of a baby.

Best thing I've had so far is the Medela steam clean bags. You can use them to clean bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc. Makes clean up quicker, and keeps you from running a dishwasher a lot.

The back seat mirror is one of my favorites also. We didn't have one at first, but I struggled with hearing him cry while I was driving with him, and not being able to see him. The mirror serves to keep my mind at ease, and he's starting to entertain himself by looking in it too.

Way to go on the cloth diapers. We debated that. But I chickened out.

Jane said...

I LOVE The Monster at the End of this Book. LOVE. IT.

McKinney Madness said...

I am so super excited for you. I can't wait to hear how the cloth diapering goes... kudos to you for trying! Also, I've never heard of the children's book you mentioned but it sounds awesome- I'll have to look into it! Can't wait to see pics of baby Rhet!

April Jackson said...

I have a baby bjorn and it hurts my shoulders in no time. I just got an ergo last week and I'm loving carrying my 6 month old around in it! I highly recommend it! My friend put her daughter in it until she was four. Her husband also used it on his back. We will see if chris would be up for that:) Congrats on your sweet girl!!

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