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Monday, January 10, 2011

Ever 2 Conquer, Never 2 Yield!

These Auburn fans tried to secure a trip to AZ shortly after the SEC Championship win, but the overbooked flights, kajillion dollar tickets, and limited vacay days put us in a bind.

When life gives you lemons, you know the only thing to do is head on down to Toomer's for some lemonade. So...we did!

We headed straight over to the Auburn Arena Saturday night to scope out seats for viewing Monday's Big Game while watching the AU/LSU basketball game. While there, we learned of AU's cancellation of all Monday events due to the threat of winter doom & devastation.

More lemonade, please! ;)

The "official" celebration may be cancelled, but the Auburn Spirit is alive & well down on the Plains! Our hotel has gone all out--balloons everywhere, a gingerbread Samford Hall & Jordan Hare Stadium in the lobby, and a gift of orange & blue M&M's & toilet paper for tonight's celebration waiting outside our door!

Alas, nothing but cold, wet weather in Auburn today. That doesn't dampen the orange & blue mood in the slightest--Cam Newton is even in the AIR in this Loveliest Village! (Check out the temp at Toomer's Corner!)

We bundled up and took a walk around campus before lunch today. I recently read in Real Simple that breathing in cold air can make you happier. Or is it just being in parAUdise?

As Samford Hall struck noon, the fight song chimed proudly across campus.

After all the nostalgic shivering, we're warming up with some good ole' Veggies To Go. In Auburn, banana pudding is considered a "veggie." :)

Tonight's menu is Duck Wings & Duck Nuggets w/ Cammy-Cam juice at the ACSC. We may not have seen any white stuff this morning, but it'll be flying in the trees tonight!


L said...

i am soooo jealous that you and nick are in Auburn!!! have so much fun! that stinks that the arena was closed...but at least you get to hang out at the ACSC. :)

War Eagle!

Kristy said...

Wish we were there. Love yall.

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