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Monday, July 12, 2010

Countdown to Thirty

That's right, everyone. It's...Birthday Week!

This Monday morning started off a little rough--thunderstorms in the AM that kept this sad looking little booger up all night...
But sometimes Monday mornings just need a little coaxing.
"It's all right Monday...don't worry...it's all going to be okay...here, have a little coffee, sweetheart."

Now the prospect of Birthday Week has us looking like this:
Did someone say..."treat?"
Well, you're in for a treat this week too, my friends. Get ready for a 5-day blogging blitz.
I'm covering 5 years of my life per day, and by golly, we're counting up to THIRTY!

You're getting a two-fer today, because we have to start at the beginning.
(It's a very good place to start.)

July 16, 1980. Lafayette, Indiana. It was 107 degrees.
I believe that is still the record high for July in Indiana. Monumental day!
(Does that baby even look like me??)

My mom used to tell me that when she got really mad at me as a teenager,
she'd just remember the way I looked at age 3 to calm herself down.
Yes, I was really THAT cute.
But we've skipped all that--we have a lot of years to cover!
By age five, I was living in my third city: Columbus, Ohio.
This is me with my bff, Lori Murphy.
We went to preschool together.

I thought this picture was appropriate for sharing,
considering my new approaching life era...
We played "Moms" a lot.
We also couldn't get enough pretend grocery shopping.
(I STILL like grocery shopping!)

Our supreme hobby was acting out parts to
"The Sound of Music" as it played on VHS.
I got to be Maria and Rolfe.
Lori was Leisl & the Captain.
We fought over who got to be Gretl.

I caught the chicken pox from Lori, and subsequently missed
the Purple Popsicle Parade at preschool.
(Say it out loud--you know you want to.)

I'll be celebrating the first five years of my life today by
having MY OWN Purple Popsicle Parade
while singing through one of the greatest musicals ever!
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!


Martha said...

Love birthdays!!!

I also love that outfit you're wearing in the 5-year old photo. Very nice style there, J.

The Husband said...

Yay! I'm going to love this week. Please blog about my favorite person in the world as much as you like.

Jennifer said...

I love the photo of you and your bff with the dolls. Too cute. :-)

Jane said...

That is such a great idea! I will certainly be tuning in daily. :) I too love grocery shopping and the purple popsicle parade sounds just hilarious!

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