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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Countdown to Thirty: Year Ten-ish

Welcome back!
The past 24-hrs have been pure childhood nostalgia bliss.
Well, not exactly, but I did manage to:
  • Make a purple popsicle for myself (black cherry grape juice frozen in a mold--yesss)
  • Listen to The Sound of Music via Grooveshark (try it out, people--free awesomeness!)
  • Watch The Parent Trap. One of my supreme childhood favorites! (I have been compared to young Haley Mills in appearance before. Do you see it?)
I say ten-ish, because I cannot find a picture of myself at age 10,
and all of the funny antidotes I have are from age not-10.

Coming first: Less than age 10.
Cambridge, Ohio.
My mother made our Halloween costumes.
We were the California Raisins (check out my pink high tops).
As you can tell, we LOVED it.
(Cody is particularly mad because Mom made
the costumes by dying sheets she already had,
and he got the one that was checkered
because she ran out of solid-colored sheets.)

Next, also less than 10.
Still Cambridge, Ohio I think.
1. I think this pictures is funny.
2. If you've ever wondered what it's like to live in the North,
check out all those snow coats in the right corner.
3. In case you're missing it, my bangs ONLY were permed.
Oh, sweet 1980's.

Lastly, I think a little over 10?
Trumansburg, New York.
My parents each took a picture with me on the doorstep
of our current house on each birthday.
Can't remember which birthday this was, though.
Look at our fabulous style that is finally back in fashion.
Those are stonewashed denim overalls (with one strap hanging down).
(Cuffs rolled up, of course.)
Patterned denim jacket.
Fisherman's hat with a fake rose attached.
Patterned denim jumpsuit on Mom.
(Don't miss those rolled up tshirt sleeves.)

I also feel the need to tell you:
I took my first job during this era of my life in NY.
I had a paper route.
Bicycle and everything.
True story.

Last story doesn't have a photo to go with it, but it's a good one.

July 16, 1993 = My 13th Birthday
We had just moved from New York to Atlanta during my 6th grade school year. I hated the South. I missed my friends. People made fun of my accent. I went home sick from school one spring afternoon because it was too hot. I didn't play soccer but I wore Adidas Sambas, and people thought that was weird. What's a girl to do? My parents sensed my newly forming teenage angst...

Shortly before my 13th birthday, Mom & Dad presented me ceremoniously with a homemade card that said "Welcome to Adolescence." But being the 12 & three-quarters child I was, I had never read that word. So I sounded it out, reading, "Welcome to uh-desolantes." My parents got a pretty big kick out of that.

When I opened the card, I read that for my birthday gift, they were renewing my Girl Scout membership for the next full year. Uh oh. My friends were in Girl Scouts up North because there was nothing better to do than go camping in our little small town. But what my parents apparently didn't realize was that NO ONE with an ounce of coolness was in Girl Scouts in my current Southern school.

What to do?

Well, I did what any rising 13-year-old would do. I threw a teenaged fit.

My parents were highly entertained as a wailed and threw myself dramatically across my bed, telling them I would be the most unpopular girl in school. I tearfully begged not to be made to attend the weekly Girl Scout Meetings. Please please please, if they had any goodness in their hearts, would they please pretend they did not give me that gift?

They then gave me a second envelope, suppressing their laughter. I dried my melodramatic tears and pulled out a plane ticket to New York. They were sending me up for a weekend to see my old friends for their last week of school. There was a school dance I would attend with them. Then, the girls were headed out camping on a Girl Scout outing. You had to be a Girl Scout to attend the trip, though.

Womp womp. The joke was on me. Welcome to uh-desolants.

To celebrate this era of my life today, I will be Instant Netflixing a television show my parents (and the rest of America) were thoroughly enjoying during my ten-ish years: (appropriately entitled) "thirtysomething." And you'd better believe I'm listening to the album on the right column--the first tape I purchased with my own money! Hold on for one more day!


Martha said...

I especially like the bucket hat with the fake flower... and your face in the california raisin costume.

Jane said...

I absolutely LOVE the style and the last story. That is some great stuff!

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