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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

World AIDS Day

How do you greet someone on a day that is observed with seriousness? (I can't tell you "Happy" World AIDS Day...what do I say instead?) By the way, my sidebar has been fooling you this whole time--I thought World AIDS Day was on December 5th, but alas it is 12/01 and the day is upon us.

While looking for some red to wear today, I realized...Neither Nick nor I own red shirts. This totally sums up our extreme dislike for UGA & Bama.

I feel passionate about the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa for three main reasons:

1. This book:

2. This book, too:

3. This video:

Wanting to help in some way? Here are three (among many) options:

1. From HIV to Home has a promotion called "5 for Five"--beginning today, they are asking for $5 a day for the next five days to put towards five different projects that will be featured on their website.

2. Also, AHOPE is looking for families to sponsor the 15 additional children with HIV that will be cared for in their orphanages thanks to a new larger facility.

3. And while you're at it, swing by Starbucks today for a sweet treat--they're donating 5 cents of each purchase to the (RED) fund. A Gingerbread Latte with Soy never tasted so good...


ashley said...

really? did you have to bring up your bama hatred on this post? even bama fans can support aids efforts! sheesh! (j/k - i don't own any orange shirts either!)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

this is off the subject, but your new header just made me laugh out loud!

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