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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The End to an Era

Hello, friends. I am still alive. I know you were wondering.

We are finally exiting the 5.5-year black hole in our house entitled "Nick's Masters of Divinity." The end times have been upon us for the last month and a half and there were many days we felt swallowed up by the abyss. Appropriately, Nick's last class was on Revelation. So his end days were spent studying the end days. Term Paper, Media Project, Final Exam--these were the great red dragons of the past times and half a time.

The iPhoneish picture to the left is one that is displayed on our mantle--taken from our wedding day. When I first met Nick, he was beginning his first year of grad school and I was finishing my last. The entire time I have known him, he has been working on this degree. He was a full-time student until last year, when he took a full-time job and finished his remaining classes on the side. An M.Div is not your regular ole' Master's Degree. It requires 80-something hours of classes--we have friends that have become DOCTORS in the six years it will have taken Nick to receive his degree! (The school only graduates students in May, so alas, he must wait to be completely finished until the spring.) Our entire first years of marriage have been focused towards finishing this degree. And in this last month & a half, it has been exhausting and exhilarating to approach Mile 26 on this marathon journey.

Nick took his last final exam EVER last Thursday. In a very unfortunate turn of events, I got sick last Monday and he not only spent every waking moment studying for his exam, but he took care of pitiful little me as well! SUPERHUSBAND! When he returned from school on Thursday evening, this was waiting for him...

Celebratory cupcakes from Muddy's--our favorite bake shop.
(Featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Rachael Ray magazine, by the way!)

And this...

Reading for pleasure is out of the question when you're working on a Master's Degree. The thousands of pages Nick read this fall (and for the past 5.5 years!) have all been required. One of the things he was most looking forward to (besides having his life back) was reading whatever he wanted! Not only is my husband a nerd, but he's a sports freak as well. (Wow! What more could a girl ask for?!) The Sports Guy's new book was at the top of his list of want-to-reads, and his wish was my command. I am so proud of him--this is only the first of many end-times-treats!

What now, you ask? Well, we will enjoy a life of luxury in which we will cease draining our bank account for books & tuition (and we'll start draining our bank account paying back those student loans!), we will not be chained to a class schedule of exams, papers, and study breaks, Nick can finally pursue his call from God to be a minister, and we can focus wholeheartedly on this new journey to becoming parents.

What's that you say? Christmas is NEXT WEEK? Well have no fear, my friends. The Advent Season is finally being fully celebrated at our house, with yesterday beginning the first day of our annual 12 Days of Christmas. More to come on our traditions and celebrations!


Nick Faris said...

Could I have done this alone? Sure. But was it infinitely better and easier having the perfect mix of support, love, encouragement, and gloating-at-already-having-her-own-masters from my wife? You betcha!

To my best friend,
Thanks for all the years of patience and love.
P.S. Your gloating days are numbered.

Kat at Muddy's Bake Shop said...

Ohmygosh, Nick! Congratulations!!!!
That is really really exciting and I know it must be great to finally be finished, for both of you.

As for the sports book, let me know what you thought of it. I've been thinking about getting it for Thomas since he loves to read and he lives for sports!

Yay for Nick and yay for Jesse for getting cupcakes! :)

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