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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good Charlotte (Trip)

So apparently Columbus Day weekend is a very popular travel weekend? Who knew?

We had planned for several months to travel to Charlotte, NC to visit our dear friends, the Nasmyths. Ibby is my best friend from high school and I really love his wife Erin and now their new baby girl, Olivia--this year's trip kicked off an annual family vacation we'll take together for mostly the ultimate purpose of making our kids be friends with each other. :) Olivia was just 6 months old for this vacation, so we chose to go to her instead of making her drive her parents to a different location.

Sad reality: Sometimes great vacations mean you have so much fun relaxing that you forget to take pictures--so here's the most recent pic I have of the four adults, taken the 2008 10-yr Reunion.

We had some crazy flight delays, resulting in missed connections and flying standby on the next flight out of Atlanta to Charlotte. However, we did luck out with two $10 meal vouchers for our inconvenience...which we spent on Ben & Jerry's in the Atlanta airport. (Pumpkin Cheesecake and Coffee ice cream flavors go together WONDERFULLY by the way, in case you had any doubts!) I did find it funny that you could spend your voucher on $10 worth of food or ONE drink. (I'm guessing that's alcoholic--but still, that's an expensive drink!) While standing in line at the customer service desk for the vouchers I overheard the AirTran lady tell someone else, "Sir, it IS a holiday weekend after all..." I know Christopher Columbus would be so proud to know his holiday is such a big deal!

Our weekend in Charlotte was filled with doting on Olivia, eating delicious food, and having great conversations & catch-up. (I have been craving the Banana-Walnut French Toast at Blu Basil every day since I ate it, as well as Ibby & Erin's Curried Chicken w/ Apples and Sweet Potatoes. Is it a sign that you love food too much when the memories you take from a vacation are centered around what you ate?)

As mentioned above, we were neglectful in taking pics, so here is one Nick took right before we left. As you can tell, Olivia and I are BFF now.

So the trip back...is really the main story of the blog post. Delays, delays, delays. Our flight out of Charlotte was delayed. Our connecting flight out of Atlanta was cancelled and they booked us on the later (delayed) flight. We spent the rest of our meal vouchers & time eating/hanging at (appropriately) Atlanta Bread Company with my mom, who came down to to visit us for a couple hours. When the flight time came, we went to the gate only to find the plane was overbooked. We were first in line to volunteer giving up our seats because of the sweet deal we got out of it:
  • 2 round-trip flight vouchers...EACH!!!
  • Upgrade to business class on our flight the next day, because we didn't need a hotel voucher
  • 24-hours to hang out with my parents (& extra midterm-study-time for Nick)
We were so excited about our travel-savvyness and the inconvenience was FAR outweighed by the compensation. We basically got a buy one vacation, get two free deal!

We're headed to the beach in the spring for our 4th anniversary, using a gift certificate to a B&B from my employer (how nice are they?!) and 2 of our vouchers will save us an 8-9 hour drive. Sweet.

So...where should we go to use the other two vouchers? Ideas?


Katie said...

New York, Chicago, Seattle...anywhere! How fun!!

Blessed said...

How fun! Hey, I'd love to be inconvenienced like that for 4 free vouchers! WOW! That's awesome!

I love Chicago, but it's an easy drive in my opinion, so save it. New York or Disney are my top picks! (just got back from disney so it's on my mind)

Mandi said...

I'd say New York, Montanata to experience Glacier National Park and Yellowstone or anywhere on the northeast coast. That's so exciting... enjoy!

Mandi said...

excuse the mispelling, of course. ;)

Julie said...

Yeah for you~ What a major score!!! I say Dallas, Texas!!! :)

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