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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Taking the Kids to the Pool

I hate that expression when used for something else.

However, this weekend, I literally took the "kids" to the pool. My dog-babies that is. To their brand new wading pool. (Before you start judging my frivolousness, the pool was $9.99.)

It all started when I let Owens out the back door and started wondering where he was 30 minutes later. He usually does not spend much time outdoors--he is the anti-outside-dog. (His body is too susceptible to the elements--how wimpy does that sound?!) I went outside, turned the corner of our house and found him soaking up the rays (just as in the picture) all by himself, happy as a clam.

Moses and I joined him in his sunbathing. (Don't you just love Moses in this picture? He is yawning but it looks like he's laughing.)

I took a little trip to Target, where I purchased the blow-up Pool-of-Good-Times. After Nick mowed the lawn and inflated our pool, I filled it with a little water and I let the dogs loose to enjoy their exciting new summer luxury.

Nope. They wouldn't touch it. Moses went right up to it and licked his lips, as if thinking Ooooo--they got me a huge water bowl! But he wouldn't stick his paw in it to save his life. Owens merely sniffed it with disdain. Are you kidding me, children?!

I, however, thoroughly enjoyed myself in the terrific weather--sitting in a lawn chair with my feet in the pool as I read some chick lit. Later in the afternoon, I lured Moses into the pool with treats (his ultimate kryptonite), and he actually enjoyed himself.

I look forward to the Pool-of-Good-Times Part Deux. Perhaps my wimpy dogs will choose to join me next time.

PS: Did you notice what a fatty Moses is these days? In two weeks, he will officially have been with us for a year.

Take a look at how sadly skinny-minny heartworm-infested he was a year ago (42 lbs):

And take at our fatty two-by-four today (70 lbs!!!):
He can laugh now because the hard times are behind him!

(Don't worry everyone, he is on a diet and exercise regimen--this is as big as he gets!)


Unknown said...

Moses is so cute. I can't believe it's almost been a YEAR! I'm glad he's your dog-baby!

Mandi said...

Moses looks so healthy! You are such a good Mom.

Jane said...

LOVE your pups! I can't believe the difference in Moses. Wow! Glad he is a happy pup!

Anonymous said...

I believe you may be thinking of the phrase "Dropping the kids off at the pool." I'm posting this one anonymously for obvious reasons.

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