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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Building Those Bridges

Time for a good ole' fashioned picture update:
We've had some good times with our Sunday School class recently (the BridgeBuilders). We love our friends and they definitely feel more like "family" to us!

With Anne and my good little buddy, Case, at our
(sweltering) class End of the Year Party

Our Reach Group met down on the river for a picnic

Laura & Matt brought their Beach Cruiser (I call it the Banana Boat)
Colt is checking out Seth & Matt giving it a whirl

Nick and I had a baby--surprise!
PSYCH--this is our friend, Hadley. She's mostly pretty cool.

I think finding friends as an adult can be tough. We have been so fortunate to make some wonderful friends in Memphis (many of whom are not pictured in this post--holla, unpictured buddies!) and I LOVE that we can (and do) talk about real things with them along with having good times.

On another note, one of my favorite Memphis activities is picnicking by the river. I have always loved how accessible the city is, and the river at sunset is just so pretty and relaxing. I am a big fan of exploring the city in which we live, and no matter how many new restaurants and activities we discover here, relaxing down by the river will always top the list.


Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

I love this entry. and I'm loving the hair. im trying to grow mine out. stop it.

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