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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Having More Fun Already!

Because I'm BLOOOOOONDE, baby!

(PS: Are you southern and pronounce the word "blind" as if you're saying "blonde?" Then shame on you. I once had a whole conversation with Buster Clemens where he was talking about how impressive Ginny Owens was because she was blind but I thought he was impressed because she was blonde and it just did not make any sense.)

So I got some major highlights for my summer enjoyment. Hello, new blonde me. It's pretty funny to me how many people have said "I love your hair!" on Facebook--do they "love" it or is that just another way of saying "You look different!!" I don't know why, but I am particularly still getting used to the drastic blonde streak on the front of my face. I feel like I went through an "America's Next Top Model" makeover and maybe everyone thinks it looks good and it just feels weird only to me? (It looks a little more drastic in person, but here's a before and after if you need some reference...)

So, friends. Here is where I need your help. New hair needs a new face. I feel that what worked with the blonde and browns and subtle reds does not now work with platinum and golden blonde. Here is my plain face:

Now, what do I do to it?? I'm thinking I need to be more intentional about evening out my skin tone. First step: Bare Escentuals foundation. (Does anyone have it? What do you think?) Second step: Play up the eyes OR be a little risky with some brighter lips.

Opinions: GO.


Tesney said...

Of course I have an opinion, and have been through the same dilemma of going from brown to blond to red to you name it, and I'm a beauty product junkie, so here's my two cents:

YES!!! To Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals makeup. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. I switched to it after YEARS of Mary Kay and I can honestly say that my skin is soooo much better and I think I look younger, brighter, etc. I get compliments daily on my complexion, not tooting my horn, just saying that stuff is the shizzle. It's a little pricey to start, but Ulta is always running these trial deals where you get a package that includes all the foundation stuff including brushes and then when you decide on color and such, you can just get the individual items you need.

Also, I noticed at Ulta the other day they are having a Bare Minerals special called "The Look of Now" or some catchy name like that. Anyway, it's a box with cheek, eye, and lip color for only 34 bucks. It goes with any skin/hair color (I was waaaaayyyy skeptical because everything turns orange on me, but this was legit). I'm loving it.

And lastly, I love the buxom lipgloss...it's my new favorite thing.

I could be a BM (hee hee...that is funny to say) salesperson. It has changed my life. I don't feel like I buy a bunch of crap that looks good in the store but not on my face. I have yet to buy one product that I don't end up LOVING.

Kristin said...

I have no makeup tips. That just isn't my thing, but I do like your hair. I think it is a great "summer do".

ashley said...

i'm terrible at make-up but love my bare escentuals foundation. the only thing i don't like is that it is messy! (maybe your bloggers have tips on that ??). but i can wear just the fondation and eye liner and feel decent or i can dress it up.

yes, your hair is different (understatment) but i really really like it!

Larissa Smith said...

The hair is very cute. The cut especially works for you, and the color just makes it look sleek and shiny. As for makeup, I'm no pro, but I'd say dress up the eyes. Nothing too heavy, since it is summer, but maybe a pretty blue or purple for lighter look, and a good brown tone for dressier, although a brown applied lightly could still work just about anytime. Keep lip gloss more neutral.

Julie said...

Jesse. I love it. You are super sexy!

I would try bronzer and some good summery earthy tones.

Blessed said...

I already commented on facebook, but I love BM. It's the best! I won't ever go back to liquid makeup again! YUCK! I LOVE the kabooki brush and the concealer brush. I use it to hide any extra red spots/veins/under eye circles, etc. It doesn't come with the kit, but is well worth the splurge!

I really do love the hair. I say play up your eyes! :)

Blessed said...

Oh, you can come by any day if you want to give any of my makeup a try. I can wash the brushes for you if you are thinking, "ewe." I worked for a store that did make up in high school, so I sort of learned to do other people's faces. Come see me. We'll play. :)

Mandi said...

I am one of those people on Facebook, and I will comment again as to how much I really like your hair! I say play up your eyes and add a summer lip gloss! :)

McKinney Madness said...

I say play up the eyes with some eye liner on bottom and top, taupe-ish eye shadow, some GREAT mascara and... most importantly, an eye lash curler. I don't about Nick, but Trey hates it when I wear lipstick so I mostly go for chapstick these days. Can't wait to see the new face with the new AWESOME hair!!

Katie said...

SO cute! You look great, Jesse!!

Amanda said...

Your hair looks great! I'm feeling the need for change, too.

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