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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

La Mere

We spent Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta with my parents. We had put off going to the GA Aquarium thus far due to rumors of ridiculous crowds. However, Friday morning turned out to be a great time to visit! The whole place was fascinating, and we finished the day off with a trip to nearby Ikea and dinner & driving by the houses in Cabbagetown. A fun day! (Rest of the weekend spent reading books and taking naps...yessss!)

This was a tunnel that surrounded you with the big aquarium. Super cool.

Floor to ceiling wall that looked into the huge tank

My parents watching one of the huge whale sharks swam by

My mom sneaked us into the Ballroom, where they had a big windows looking into the Baluga Whale & Whale Shark tanks. This is us watching the Balugas. They paid special attention to us, swimming right at us and then turning at the last second and rubbing their bodies against the window as they swam by. So cool!

In front of the Ballroom window looking into the big tank with the Whale Sharks

All of these fabulous pictures are courtesy of Nicholas and our new Canon Powershot SD1200. We have been sorely lacking pictures throughout the last couple years of our marriage, and the pinpointed problem was our "ancient" cameras from 5-7 years ago. (I love technology, but the warp speed that things become outdated is a huge bummer.) After Nick received a Target card as a sweet gift, we decided to put it towards a new smaller, stealthier camera. Good move--I'm so happy we have pictures of our Acquarium visit! (And the camera has cool face-recognition features that I am in love with, like the self-timer that won't take a picture until everyone is smiling! Used on picture below...) Now I just have to get into the habit of taking pictures everywhere I go--the ACSC trained me well, but I am out of practice!

This leads me to ask--when you go on a trip, do you take pictures of "things" or "people?" As you might notice in the pictures above, Nick's picture-taking style is to document the event, regardless of whether there are people he knows in the picture or not. This is all fine and well. However, I am of the "people" group, where I prefer not to document the event unless someone I know is in the picture. (Hence, the last few pictures are some of my faves--good job Nick!)
What about you?


Blessed said...

Awesome pictures! I love your new camera and the smile feature...so cool. I've never heard of that.

I used to be a "people" picture taker and my pictures just had to have at least one person in them.

Now that I have my new camera, i love playing with it by taking pictures of just scenery. Just today I took tons of pictures while at a nursery. :)

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

These photos are awesome! Love it! I totally missed this post. Glad you guys had such a good time!

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